Monday, October 1, 2007

Schedule, Oct. 5-8

As October begins, we've got a handful of good joshi shows coming up over the next weekend. Friday night (the 5th) is the return of the Sendai Girls, as they play host to JWP at their usual home, Zepp Sendai. The main matches are DASH CHISAKO vs Tsubasa Kuragaki, who can get the whole roster into a backbreaker, and Meiko Satomura and Tyrannosaurus Okuda against Azumi Hyuga and Arisa Nakajima. Both teams are sending out their ace and their young starlet in the main event and it will be interesting to see who claims the victory.

Saturday gives us a NEO show at Itabashi Green Hall in Tokyo. In my opinion, the card is rather tepid. The final two matches are Yoshiko Tamura vs Miki Ishii and Haruka Matsuo vs Tomoka Nakagawa. Also on Saturday, the UWAI Station show features a joshi offer match. Everyone's favorite joshi politician, Shinobu Kandori, teams up with everyone's favorite joshi mother (at least since Hokuto retired), Jaguar Yokota. They face Manami Toyota and Mika. Who's Mika? She's a judo star who lost a (likely worked) "Judo Jacket" match to Kandori a few months ago. Kandori says that Mika does not understand how tough pro wrestlers are. Wow, have things come full circle. This used to be the line that Akira would use against Shinobu.

SUN are in Osaka on Sunday for their "CHICK & DOG" show, featuring the SUN girls, some gaijin, and some guys. Two titles are up for grabs. Tracy "Island Girl" Taylor defends the EWA title against Fuuka, while Jamie D will put the AWA belt on the line against Saki Maemura. The main event isn't for an official title, but Nanae Takahashi and Azumi Hyuga clash to decide the "Icon of Chicks!". SUN and ZERO1-MAX turn around on Monday and run a show in Gifu-the main being Nanae & Saki against Hikaru & Fuuka.

Monday the 8th sees another show in Osaka, as the OZ Academy are in town. We get the first three matches of the 16-person Next Challenger Determination tournament, including Sonoko Kato vs Manami Toyota and Dynamite Kansai vs Takako Inoue. After a comedy offering from their pals at Osaka Pro, the main event will feature Devil Masami, who recently announced her intention to retire. The match is called "The Purple Rose in Eternity" and has Devil & Dynamite versus Mayumi Ozaki and Carlos Amano.

SENDAI GIRLS "DESTINY" October 5, 2007
Zepp Sendai

1. Mizhaaya (Ayane Mizumura) vs Aska Ohki
2. "Tragic Love" (Yurie Kaneko) vs Command Bolshoi
3. Sendai Sachiko (Sachiko Kanari) vs Kaori Yoneyama
4. DASH CHISAKO (Chisako Kanari) vs Tsubasa Kuragaki
5. Meiko Satomura & Tyrannosaurus Okuda (Akari Okuda) vs Azumi Hyuga & Arisa Nakajima

NEO "VICTORIOUS" October 6, 2007
Itabashi Green Hall

1. Nagisa Nozaki vs Cherry
2. Etsuko Mita vs Makoto
3. Tanny Mouse/Yuki Miyazaki/?? vs Kayoko Haruyama/Kaori Yoneyama/??
4. Misae Genki vs Aya Yuki
5. Yoshiko Tamura vs Miki Ishii
6. Haruka Matsuo vs Tomoka Nakagawa

UWAI STATION "Special Dream" October 6, 2007
Tokyo Differ Ariake

Shinobu Kandori/Jaguar Yokota vs Manami Toyota/Mika

SUN "CHICK & DOG" October 7, 2007
Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium #2

1. Opening Chick: Natsuki*Taiyo vs Kana
2. Speed & Fly: Ikuto Hidaka/X vs Minoru Fujita/El Blazer
3. EWA Women's World Championship: Tracy Taylor (c) vs Fuuka
4. Chick & Dog?: Hikaru/Masato Tanaka/Lingerie Muto vs Aja Kong/Kohei
Sato/American Balloon
5. AWA Women's Japan Championship: Jamie D (c) vs Saki Maemura
6. Decide the Icon of Chicks!: Nanae Takahashi vs Azumi Hyuga

SUN/ZERO1-MAX October 8, 2007
Gifu Chamber of Commerce

1. Kana vs Tracy Taylor
2. Osamu Namiguchi/Shota Takanishi vs Minoru Fujita/Futoshi Miwa
3. Natsuki*Taiyo vs Jamie D
4. Masato Tanaka/Ikuto Hidaka vs Kohei Sato/American Balloon
5. Nanae Takahashi/Saki Maemura vs Hikaru/Fuuka

OZ Academy "OZ RED ROSE" October 8, 2007
Osaka IMP Hall

1. Mayumi Ozaki/Aja Kong vs Carlos Amano/AKINO
2. B Block - Next Challenger Determination Tournament: Ran Yu-Yu vs Chikayo Nagashima
3. A Block - Next Challenger Determination Tournament: Manami Toyota vs Sonoko Kato
4. A Block - Next Challenger Determination Tournament: Dynamite Kansai vs Takako Inoue
5. Osaka Pro Offer Match: Kuishinbo Kamen/Takoyakida vs Miracle Man/Ebessan III
6. Devil Masami Retirement Memorial Match ~The Purple Rose in Eternity~: Devil Masami/Dynamite Kansai vs Mayumi Ozaki/Carlos Amano

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