Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Annual Josh I. Awards for Excellence in Joshi Puroresu (Call for nominations)

Hi, I'm going to steal an idea that Kevin Wilson from Puroresu Central is running on DVDVR, but with a joshi puroresu theme. I'm going to eventually run a series of polls where we will vote on various awards.

Some ground rules: We will be judging matches from December 1, 2007 through November 30, 2008 (i.e. the Wrestling Observer year). Any nominations should be based solely on work during this time frame. Also, only work in Japan counts, so don't nominate anything from lucha libre or SHIMMER or TNA or WWE.

After giving you all some time to make some posts with your nominations, I'll select ~5 from each category and create a poll for each.

You can either leave your nominations as a comment here, or go to the thread at JoshiFans Forum and make it there. The voting will be there once the nominations are done.

Match of the Year: Yeah, what match did you like the most?

MVP (Most Valuable Performer)-In other words, who do you think is the most valuable woman for 2008, in terms of their overall contributions to joshi puroresu?

Wrestler of the Year-Who impressed you the most with her work in the ring in 2008.

Tag Team of the Year-Yeah, who do you think is the best tag team?

Junior of the Year-Best young wrestler, defined as 5 or less years experience. So this means they debuted in 2003 or after.

Debut of the Year-Best newcomer who debuted on or after December 1, 2007. (BTW, Pinkie Mayuka from JWP officially debuted on 12/9/07, so she is eligible.)

Feud of the Year-Whose reason for fake-fighting entertained you the most?

Promotion of the Year-Which of the groups provided the most quality throughout the past year?

Comeback of the Year-Whose comeback from injury, illness, retirement, etc. made you the most happy?

Breakout of the Year-Who went from being a nobody to being someone you really look forward to seeing?

Miss You Award-For this award, I'm expanding the time frame to include December 1, 2007 (making Michiko Omukai eligible) up to December 31, 2008, to cover wrestlers that are retiring this month (such as Devil Masami, Misae Genki, & Hiroyo Muto). This award is for the retiring wrestler that you will miss the most.

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