Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Results, December 9-14

The major news of the week was the conclusion of the OZ League and the comeback of Ayumi Kurihara. Both of these shows took place at Shinjuku FACE. Ayumi broke trends and won her first match back, over Shu Shibutani. She then was involved in all 3 falls of the main event, submitting to Nanae Takahashi before getting a flash pin on her mentor AKINO. AKINO spoiled the fun by hitting the AKI-Exploder to take the final fall.

In OZ land, Hiren beat Tomoka Nakagawa with help from the usual suspects. Manami scored some revenge on Aja Kong by taking the fall from Kong with the Queen Bee Bomb. Dynamite Kansai returned with her trademark short blonde hair (what has grown back since August) and trimmer, having dropped 13 kg. She vowed to "smash" the Ozaki Army and step one went well, as KAORU lasted less than 2 minutes before Splash Mountain. Kansai vows to get Hiren, Takako, Toyota, and finally Ozaki. Hiren should be scared. I see a Splash Mountain or a Footstomp or Die Hard Kansai in her near future.

The finals were marred by typical Mayumi bullshit. Weapons and interference had been banned, but Ozaki mentioned at the last possible moment that "Oh, POLICE is the referee". Ozaki then beat Chikayo for the title shot as POLICE can count to three much faster than Sachiko Ito can. Oh, and "Principal" Carlos Amano was supposedly hurt and can't anticipate that Ozaki will always try to pull a fast one.

ASAGAYA PRO December 9, 2008
Asagaya Loft A
50 Fans

1. Kyoko Kimura & Masashi Takeda defeated Munenori Sawa & Naoshi Sano (13:32) when Kimura used a Giant Backbreaker on Sano.
3. Aky & Yasu Urano defeated Apple Miyuki & Isami Kidaka (15:30) when Urano used a Karada Gatame on Miyuki.

NEW AJW December 13, 2008
Fukushima Iwaki Ship Gymnasium

1. Yumi Ohka defeated Chihiro Oikawa (9:21) with the Super Cherry Tree Drop.
2. Arisa Nakajima defeated Pinkie Mayuka (6:20) with a German Suplex Hold.
3. Command Bolshoi & GAMI defeated Kaori Yoneyama & Esui (14:19) when GAMI used the Eye Poke on Esui.
4. Azumi Hyuga defeated Cherry (8:40) with the Gannosuke Clutch.
5. Yumiko Hotta & Keito defeated Ran Yu-Yu & Misaki Ohata (12:46) when Keito used the Falcon Arrow on Ohata.
6. Battle Royale: Arisa Nakajima defeated Misaki Ohata (5:43). Others, in order of elimination: Yumiko Hotta, Kaori Yoneyama, Chihiro Oikawa, Esui, Pinkie Mayuka, Keito, Azumi Hyuga, Ran Yu-Yu, Command Bolshoi, GAMI, Cherry, Yumi Ohka.

ZERO1 "ZERO1 DELIGHT 2008" December 13, 2008
Mito Citizen Gymnasium

3. SUN vs REM again: Aja Kong & Toshie Uematsu defeated Hikaru & Saki Maemura (13:03) when Kong used the Diving Elbow Drop on Maemura.

BattlARTS December 13, 2008

4. Yuki Ishikawa & Chihiro Oikawa vs Munenori Sawa & Cherry (20:00) went to a time-limit draw.

Ayumi Kurihara Produce "STARTING OVER" December 14, 2008
Shinjuku FACE

1. Ayumi Kurihara defeated Shu Shibutani with a Back Throw.
2. Yuki Miyazaki defeated Kana with the Gedo Clutch.
3. Ran Yu-Yu & Fuuka defeated Toshie Uematsu & Moeka Haruhi when Yu-Yu used a Diving Knee Drop on Haruhi.
4. Elimination Match: Mariko Yoshida, GAMI, Kyoko Kimura, & Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Aja Kong, Tojuki Leon, Bullfight Sora, & Ayako Sato (19:40) by 4-3. Sora defeated Yoshida (3:46) by Over the Top Rope GAMI & Sora defeated Kong (7:06) with an Eye Poke. Kimura defeated GAMI (10:26) by Over the Top Rope. Kimura defeated Sora (11:02) with a Cradle. Leon & Sato defeated Kimura (15:53) with a Jackknife Hold. Nakagawa defeated Leon (17:14) by Over the Top Rope. Nakagawa defeated Sato (19:40) with the Strong Arm.
5. Best 2 out of 3 Falls: AKINO & Nanae Takahashi defeated Ayumi Kurihara & Natsuki*Taiyo 2-1. Takahashi defeated Kurihara with a Face Lock. Kurihara defeated AKINO with a Cradle. AKINO defeated Kurihara with an AKI-Exploder.

OZ ACADEMY "OZ-THE WINNER" December 14, 2008
Shinjuku FACE

1. Hiren defeated Tomoka Nakagawa (7:10) with a Yakuza Kick after interference by Mika Nishio & Police.
2. Manami Toyota & Takako Inoue defeated Aja Kong & Hiroyo Matsumoto (15:10) when Toyota used the Japanese Ocean Queen Bee Bomb on Kong.
3. Ran Yu-Yu & AKINO defeated Sonoko Kato & Misae Genki (20:41) when AKINO used the AKI Exploder (Wrist Clutch-Style Back Arm Throw) on Kato.
4. Kansai Return: Dynamite Kansai defeated KAORU (1:20) with the Splash Mountain.
5. OZ League Final: Mayumi Ozaki defeated Chikayo Nagashima (13:42) with a High Speed Count. Note: Police was the Referee.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
2000 Fans

6. F-1 Tag Team Title: Keiji Muto & Kannazaki (c) defeated Shinobu Kandori & Ken Maeda (16:38) when Kannazaki used a Shining Wizard on Maeda. Muto & Kannazaki succeed in the 5th defense.

K-DOJO December 14, 2008
Hakata Star Lane
368 Fans

3. Yuu Yamagata defeated Bambi (7:00) with the Conclusion.

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