Monday, March 16, 2009

Results, March

March has been a pretty slow month for joshi puroresu. The Saki Maemura retirement road continued, as she and her partner rolled up a successful defense of the mixed tag titles. Cherry is now the current holder of the ultra-prestigious DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship, after winning it at a recent WAVE show. Bullfight Sora got a couple of times holding it as well, for around 2 minutes elapsed time. Hell, I think I've been DDT Ironman champion a time or two myself. I don't quite understand the big deal of Cherry winning with 1 second to spare with the time limit if this belt is defended 24/7 WWE Hardcore Title style, but I guess it's wacky and funny~~!

ZERO1 March 10, 2009
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

3. WDB Mixed Tag Team Championship: Saki Maemura & Minoru Fujita (c) defeated noki-A & Men's noki-A (16:14) when Fujita used a Modified Inside Cradle on Men's noki-A. Maemura & Fujita are successful in the 1st defense.
ZERO1 March 11, 2009
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

1. Saki Maemura defeated Ayumi Kurihara (10:12) with the Never Give Up!

K-DOJO March 14, 2009
Chiba Blue Field

58 Fans

2. Daigoro Kashiwa & Randy Takuya defeated KAZMA & Bambi (10:40) when Kashiwa used the Mapputatsu on Bambi.
4. Yuji Hino, Makoto Oishi, Shiori Asahi & Saburo Inematsu defeated Taishi Takizawa, Hiro Tonai, Quiet Storm & Yuu Yamagata (12:23) when Oishi used the Fisherman Buster Cutback -> Small Package Hold on Storm.

K-DOJO March 15, 2009
Chiba Blue Field
142 Fans

3. Surround Force: Saburo Inematsu defeated Hardcore Kid Kojiro with a Death Valley Bomb (8:02). Others: YOSHIYA, PSYCHO, Mr. X, Yuu Yamagata, Kaji Yamato & Bambi.

ZERO1 March 15, 2009
Korakuen Hall

1. Toshie Uematsu defeated Saki Maemura (12:15) with a Horizontal Cradle.

WAVE March 15, 2009
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
201 Fans

1. GAMI defeated Hanako Kobayashi (3:43) with the Poki.
2. Toshie Uematsu defeated Kayo Fujimori (12:45) with a Double Wrist Armsault.
3. Saki Maemura defeated Shu Shibutani (10:44) with the Never Give Up!
4. DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Title: Arnold Sukesukejaneka & Cherry defeated Aruburetto Nekurenpurugu & Bullfight Sora (10:00).
4a. Nekurenpurugu defeated Sukesukejaneka (2:15) with the Firebird Splash to become the 767th champion.
4b. Sora defeated Nekurenpurugu (5:43) with a Small Package Hold to become the 768th champion.
4c. Izui Kounosuki defeated Sora (7:04) by pinfall to become the 769th champion.
4d. Sukesukejaneka defeated Kounosuki (7:52) by submission to become the 770th champion.
4e. Sora defeated Sukesukejaneka (9:03) with a Vertical Drop Brainbuster to become the 771st champion.
4f. Cherry defeated Sora (9:59) with a German Suplex Hold to become the 772nd champion.
5. Manami Toyota defeated Yumi Ohka (14:28) with the Japanese Ocean Queen Bee Bomb.
6. Ayako Hamada defeated Ayumi Kurihara (13:42) with the AP Cross.
7. Azumi Hyuga defeated Moeka Haruhi (11:56) with the Cross-Arm German Suplex Hold.

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