Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catch the WAVE League/Yoneyama Loses Again

Yeah, I'm scraping the bottle of the barrel for news this week. Not much happened.

The most notable event was the announcement of the "Catch the WAVE" league. There will be 4 blocks with 4 wrestlers each. In GAMI-like fashion, the blocks have silly names (Visual Technical, Young Persons, UK, and Comical) and started off unbalanced before a serious of "trades" evened the blocks out. I guess GAMI watched the WWE draft lottery on or something. Notable absences, based on people often used by WAVE, are the Shirai sisters (who will probably concentrate on defending their junior tag team titles) and BattlARTs' Chihiro Oikawa.

After the 4 blocks were unveiled, there were 4 tag matches, each involving the members of that block. The exception was Ayako Sato subbing for the absent Ayumi Kurihara. The Young Person's block is Moeka Haruhi (WAVE), Ryo Mizunami (Sendai Girls), Pinkie Mayuka (JWP), and Ayumi Kurihara (free). The UK block is Shu Shibutani (WAVE), Kana (Passion Red), Kyoko Kimura (Revolucion Amandola), and Misaki Ohata (Ibuki). The Comical WAVE is GAMI (WAVE), Bullfight Sora (cow), Cherry (Union), and Ran Yu-Yu (free). The Visual Technical block is Yumi Ohka (WAVE), Toshie Uematsu (free), KAORU (free), and Apple Miyuki (free). Two of the four matches ended in unfulfilling time limit draws, GAMI & Bullfight Sora dropped 3 falls to Cherry and Ran (the match was restarted twice), and Toshie Uematsu beat Yumi Ohka with a Dragon Suplex. I suspect Yumi might win when it counts in the league.

JWP had a show in Hachioji. Dynamite Kansai made a rare appearance in her original fed and teamed with Tsubasa Kuragaki to beat Keito & GAMI. Atsuko Emoto beat KAZUKI with Kyoko Kimura's help, as R.A. is gonna spend a few months torturing the JWP Jobber squad. Speaking of the JWP Jobber squad, Kaori Yoneyama lost to Command Bolshoi in the 6-woman main event tag.

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