Sunday, June 7, 2009

D-Fix Wins/Sachiko Injured

Obviously the sudden retirment of Arisa Nakajima was the dominant bit of new from joshi this past week. There was another piece of bad news regarding an up-and-coming young wrestler. Sendai Girls' Sendai Sachiko was injured at last week's Ibuki show. She broke a bone in her lower leg and tore ankle ligaments. She had an operation this week and will likely be out for several months. She was just starting to get a nice push, with her win in Sendai's Jaja Uma tournament for younger wrestlers and I suspected that she might have been in line to get a title shot against new JWP Junior/POP champion Misaki Ohata.

NEO ran a serious of house shows in Hokkaido this week. No terribly important results, unless you care about how many times Ayumi Kurihara could pwn the lower-card NEO wreestlers or if Small Antonio Inoki got more pinfalls than Small Giant Baba. Toshie Uematsu did score a singles win over Mima Shimoda, who was in from Mexico. Nobody pinned champ Yoshiko Tamura or boss Kyoko Inoue. Is Big Momma the first challenger for Tamura's latest NEO/NWA Pacific title reign?

There was a title switch at the OZ Academy show, as Mayumi Ozaki & KAORU took the tag titles from Chikayo Nagashima & Sonoko Kato. The 3rd of 5 rounds of matches to determine the #1 Challenger for Dynamite Kansai took place. Five wrestlers are in contention and score points based on their matches, whether or not others in the competition are in the match. Manami Toyota defeated Misaki Ohata to go to 6 points and take the lead. Hiroyo Matsumoto is on 5 points after pinning Hiren, who still had 0 points. The upset was Takako Inoue (not in the #1 Challenger's league) beating Aja Kong, keeping Aja on 4 points and dropping her to 3rd in the table. I suspect copious amounts of Ozaki Army interference was needed. Carlos Amano is stuck on 3 points after losing in a tag match. I'm sure we are setting up a final day where cheating & treachery will be needed.

Ayako Hamada is still competing in Japan, as she was at the joint LLPW/WAVE/Ito Dojo show. Ayako pinned GAMI with the AP Cross in what I think is her last match in Japan, as there's no Hamada on any cards I've found, including Ito Dojo at the end of the month. Hopefully the next time we see the AP Cross, it's on Impact! against someone more beatiful than GAMI.

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