Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting Tired of the Injuries

Unfortunately, most of this report is about updating injury news and another big injury.

JWP champ Kayoko Haruyama has a broken rib, probably suffered taking the insane balcony footstomp from Kyoko Kimura. Haruyama is out for 6 weeks. Pinkie Mayuka has ligament damage to her left knee and is out indefinitely.

Apparently Basara's injury happened at the end of last month during the Ito Dojo show. In that match, she teamed with Takako Inoue against Manami Toyota & Cherry, with the end being Basara losing to Toyota's Queen Bee Bomb. She suffered a neck sprain and a concussion. This sounds like it re-injured her neck and shoulder that were originally hurt last summer on the botched backdrop at the Sendai tournament. Basara is out 3 months.

WAVE's rookie, Kayo Fujimori, out several months with a broken thigh suffered in training, appeared at a recent show. The fracture was bad and needs a lot of time to heal properly. Doctors have told her to give it a year. She is taking that advice, will spend some time traveling, but says she'll be back next year.

The new injury happened to injury-ravaged Sendai Girls. They were doing a series of three house shows in Miyagi Prefecture this weekend, with DASH Chisako, Hiren, Ryo Mizunami, and Yukari Ishino meeting up with KAORU, Hanako Kobayashi, and Ibuki's Misaki Ohata, Ray, Hiroyo Matsumoto, and Esui. KAORU was working babyface all weekend, wearing white and not hitting people with a board. She commented about how different this was. She'll get to cheat again in OZ Academy. Hiren was wearing Sendai red rather than trashy OZ black. The weekend was mostly trading wins and time-limit draws invovling junior champ Ohata. On the final day of shows, Ryo Mizunami hurt her knee in a match against Esui and the match had to be stopped. She got carried out. Her status for the future is unknown-the WAVE league match against Ayumi Kurihara is in doubt.

Speaking of WAVE, the Catch the WAVE league is almost complete now. Kana has won the UK Block and advanced to the semifinals. The other three semifinalists will be determined on 8/10m with the semis and finals on 8/11. Kurihara and Mizunami finished tied in the Young Person's block and were supposed to have a decision match, which now may be canceled. The Comical Block had every match end in a draw, so a four-way match between GAMI, Ran Yu-Yu, Cherry, and Bullfight Sora is needed. There is one remaining match in the Visual Technical Block, as Yumi Ohka needs to beat KAORU to advance-a draw is sufficient for KAORU.

JWP had a dojo show, featuring Tsubasa Kuragaki's victory in the wading pool match, as she submerged Toshie Uematsu and Keito simultaneously. JWP will have a 14 woman single-elimination tournament to determine Haruyama's next challenger on August 2nd. Competitors are Kuragaki, Azumi Hyuga, Command Bolshoi, Tojuki Leon, Kaori Yoneyama, Keito, KAZUKI, Sachie Abe, Uematsu, Yumi Ohka, Megumi Yabushita, Ayako Sato, Chihiro Oikawa, and an unnamed Ice Ribbon wrestler (the latter two getting first round byes).

NEO's show featured the start of the Etsuko Mita retirement road, as she dropped a singles match against Nanae Takahashi. The big news is Las Cachorrus Orientales (Mita & Mima Shimoda) will have one last cage match against Revolucion Amandola (Kyoko Kimura & Atsuko Emoto) on the August 29th show at Osaka Prefectural Gym #2. NEO decided to bizarrely have RA (Kimura, Emoto, plus Tomoka Nakagawa) LOSE to NEO Machine Gunz (Tanny Mouse, Yuki Miyazaki, plus MAKOTO), even though it was Nakagawa dropping the fall to Miyazaki.

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