Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yumi Ohka Catches the WAVE

The most notable action of the past week was the conclusion of WAVE's Catch the WAVE league. Kana had already won the UK Block (fought under KO/submission only rules), but the other three blocks were decided on the 10th. All matches in the Comical Block ended in draws (how wacky!), so a four-way elimination match between GAMI, Ran Yu-Yu, Cherry, and Bullfight Sora was held. Ran was put over the top rope (a legal elimination) to take the serious challenger out. Sora ended up winning. Ayumi Kurihara and Ryo Mizunami finished tied, so a decision match for the Young Person's Block saw Kurihara beat Mizunami, who was wearing a big knee brace after her recent injury. Yumi Ohka defeated KAORU, fending off the board and KAORU's various finishers, to win the Visual Technical Block.

The semis and finals were on the 11th at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring (you'd think they'd not end this tourney on a weekday at little Shin-Kiba). Kurihara quickly beat Sora, while Ohka needed over 15 minutes to defeat Kana with the Neck Hanging Bomb. Then a Tiger Suplex gave Ohka the Catch the WAVE tournament victory. Next is the 2nd Anniversary Show on the 23rd at Shinjuku FACE. Ohka gets to face Aja Kong there. Moeka Haruhi missed the show on the 11th due to an unspecified injury suffered the previous night.

JWP & NEO both had minor shows with no surprises. JWP did announce that 20 year old Saya Kurogawa (163 cm, 65 kg), who had been training since this past winter, has passed her pro-test and will presumably debut in the near future.

There are a trio of Plum Mariko memorial shows on August 16th, which in recent years has sort have taken on the memorial day in the joshi world. OZ Academy will have an early show at Korakuen Hall, as I said a few posts back, featuring two title matches, a JWP/LLPW special tag match, and an all-AJW memorial to Chairman Matsunaga. JWP's afternoon show in their dojo will have an all submission battle royale. Then it's back to Korakuen Hall for LLPW's show. The main event has Shinobu Kandori, Harley Saito, Mayumi Ozaki, Dynamite Kansai, Command Bolshoi, and a special return by Rumi Kazama, with teams to be announced on the day of the show. Eagle Sawai & Cutie Suzuki will be on hand to serve as seconds. Oh, and a new transvestite will debut in the undercard!

The end of the month will have the Ice Ribbon show at Korakuen Hall and NEO's show in Osaka Prefectural Gym #2. Word is that Fuuka will challenge Natsuki*Taiyo for the High Speed title, Kana & Ayumi Kurihara will challenge Kyoko Inoue & Hiroyo Matsumoto for the tag title, and the main event is a cage deathmatch between L.C.O. (Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda) and R.A. (Kyoko Kimura & Atsuko Emoto). We'll see if Mita can rise to the occasion in what figures to be her last major match before retiring in November.

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