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Results, February 22-28


The joshi news dump this week is pretty sparse. On Monday during an indy show was the retirement ceremony for Nozomi Takesako. You may or may not remember her from her IWA Japan work a few years ago. She was injured a few days ago and subsequently married and had a child (and I think she married the infamous Chocoball Mukai, although I'm not 100% sure on that). This seemed like a belated send-off from her sleazy indy friends. Good luck to the Chocoball Family.

The biggest news angle-wise happened at the WAVE show on Wednesday. Mayumi Ozaki has been lurking and inviting Yumi Ohka to join her in the Ozaki-gun for several weeks. They had a singles match and Ohka scored a big win, pinning Ozaki with the Neck Hanging Bomb. Then, much to the shock of GAMI and the rest of WAVE's wrestlers and crowd, Okha then announced that she was joining with Mayumi. Ozaki, Ohka, and Takako Inoue will team at OZ Academy's next show on March 14 against KAORU, Aja Kong, & Tomoka Nakagawa. I'm sure this will spice up WAVE booking as well.

Very little happened over the weekend. Ice Ribbon had the usual pair of small shows at their home ring, and both NEO and JWP had dojo shows. JWP will get back in the swing next month, as the OCC League will resume to determine Kayoko Haruyama's next challenger and the tag tournament will fill the vacant JWP/Daily Sports championships. NEO is geared up for the big 10th anniversary show at Kawasaki City Gym (on March 14). In addition to the previously announced Yoshiko Tamura vs Meiko Satomura main event for the NEO/NWA Pacific crowns, we will also have Kyoko Inoue/Emi Sakura vs Shinobu Kandori/Fuuka (what an odd team!), Natsuki*Taiyo vs DDT wrestler MIKAMI, and Mima Shimoda/Kyoko Kimura/Atsuko Emoto/Tomoka Nakagawa heeling it up against babyfaces to be announced. They are still teasing, but haven't announced if they will pull the trigger on Nanae Takahashi vs Kana at this show or save that for the May History show.

MOEBIUS February 22, 2010
Shinjuku FACE
538 Fans

1. Minoru Fujita & Makoto defeated NOSAWA Rongai & Kana (9:09) when Fujita used an Axe Bomber on NOSAWA.
4. Nozomi Takaba Retirement Match: Ariya defeated Nozomi Takaba (Takesako) (7:22) with the STW.

WAVE February 24, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
150 Fans

1. Handicap Match: Mio Shirai & Io Shirai defeated GAMI (13:53) when Mio used the Purple Flash.
2. Yumi Ohka & Ryo Mizunami defeated Bullfight Sora & Sakura Hirota (11:57) when Okha used a Small Pakcakge Hold on Sora after a Milk Jet.
3. Toshie Uematsu vs Kana (15:00) went to a time-limit draw.
4. Best 2 of 3 Falls: Shu Shibutani, Cherry, & Ayumi Kurihara defeated Moeka Haruhi, Tomoka Nakagawa, & Misaki Ohata (19:23) by 2 falls to 1. Haruhi defeated Shibutani (3:38) with the Astro Scissors. Kurihara defeated Ohata (7:44) with the Jumping Double Knee Attack. Shibutani defeated Haruhi (8:01) with a Diving Senton.
5. Yumi Ohka defeated Mayumi Ozaki (10:37) with the Neck Hanging Bomb.

ICE RIBBON February 26, 2010
Warabi City Isami Wrestle Budokan
68 Fans

1. Hamuko Hoshi defeated Chii Tomiya (8:10) with a Lariat.
2. Keita Yano & Makoto defeated Ribbon Takanashi & Miyako Matsumoto (13:35) when Makoto used a Double Arm Suplex Hold on Matsumoto.
3. Emi Sakura defeated Mai Ichii (9:59) with La Magistral.
4. Natsuki*Taiyo & Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Nanae Takahashi & Hikaru Shida (16:02) when Fujimoto used the Tsukadora on Shida.

ICE RIBBON February 27, 2010
Warabi City Isami Wrestle Budokan
123 Fans

1. Exhibition: Hamuko Hoshi vs ? (3:00) went to a time-limit draw.
2. Exhibition: Hamuko Hoshi vs ? (3:00) went to a time-limit draw.
3. Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hikari Minami defeated Riho & Chii Tomiya (6:43) when Minami used the Blockbuster on Tomiya.
4. Makoto & Hikaru Shida defeated Kazumi Shimouma & Miyako Matsumoto (13:41) when Makoto used a Double Arm Suplex Hold on Matsumoto.
5. Nanae Takahashi & Ribbon Takanashi defeated Emi Sakura & Ikuto Hidaka (17:44) when Takahashi used the Nanaracka on Sakura.

JWP February 28, 2010
JWP Dojo

90 Fans

1. Pool Match: Leon defeaed Sachie Abe (9:16) by submersion.
2. Keito & Jaguar Yokota defeated Command U.S. Bolshoi & HARUKI (14:15) when Yokota used a K-Crusher Cutback on HARUKI.
3. Special Rules Match: KAZUKI defeated Senri Kuroki 9-7. KAZUKI defeated Kuroki (0:50) in a Banana Eating Contest. KAZUKI defeated Kuroki (0:17) in a Cola Drinking Contest. KAZUKI vs Kuroki (7-7, 3:00) drew in a Rice Ball Eating Contest.
4. Yoneyama 29th Birthday Match: Kayoko Haruyama & Kaori Yoneyama defeated Tsubasa Kuragaki & Leon (15:13) when Yoneyama used a Modified La Magistral on Leon.

NEO February 28, 2010
Yokohama NEO Dojo
51 Fans

1. Yuki Miyazaki defeated Toshie Umeatsu (8:22) with a Cradle.
2. Tanny Mouse defeated Nanae Takahashi (13:08) with a Cradle.
3. Kyoko Inoue & Makoto defeated Yoshiko Tamura & Chii Tomiya (17:45) when Inoue used a Lariat on Tomiya.

UNION PRO February 28, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
225 Fans

1. Takeshi Oya & Cherry defeated Kyosuke Sasaki & Hamuko Hoshi (12:22) when Cherry used the Spring Night Love on Hoshi.

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