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Results, Sept. 22-25

One straggling results from the 22nd, as Apple Miyuki actually won and Yuu Yamagata lost at a K-DOJO show.

Sunday the 23rd was busy. Mariko Yoshida presented Ibuki #17 from Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. Highlights included the boss beating Tomoka Nakagawa and the team of Kyoko Kimura and Cherry beating Shu Shibutani and Aoi Kizuki. As you can see, Aoi ate Kyoko's big boot. Kimura had very harsh words for the youngsters after the match.

Also on Sunday, SUN was in Chiba with their one-day Passion Cup Tag Tournament. The winners were Hikaru and Atsuko Emoto, winning three matches to claim the prize. They beat Aja Kong and the mysterious ZEST.CO, then Shu Shibutani and Kana, and finally Hikaru used the Lanakilla-H on Natsuki*Taiyo to beat Taiyo and Nanae Takahashi in the final.

WAVE was at the New Delfin Arena in Osaka. Azumi Hyuga, as expected, defeated Yumi Ohka, but Yumi scored her first victory in WAVE by winning the 14-woman Battle Royale, beating GAMI at the end.

Finally, some of our old favorites showed up at an IWA-Japan show at Shinjuku FACE. Jaguar Yokota's team was disqualified, but Dump Matsumoto and Sasori beat Jumbo Hori and Sachie Abe.

Monday also saw three shows. The afternoon show at Itabashi Green Hall featured JWP. Misaki Ohata beat Aska Ohki and challenged Arisa Nakajima for the junior titles. This will happen next month. Manami Toyota used the Queen Bee Bomb on Tsubasa Kuragaki. Kuragaki challenged Toyota to get a partner, as she would put the JWP Tag Title on the line. Tsubasa is still upset about losing the JWP Openweight title to Manami last year and feels that she needs to beat Toyota for her career to advance. Tojuki Leon scored the pinfall in the 6-woman tag main event, using the noki-A Backbreaker on Kaori Yoneyama.

That evening, NEO was at Itabashi. Yoshiko Tamura got back on track, victimizing Tomoka Nakagawa with the Patriot Buster. The drama was in the main event, as new champion Haruka Matsuo struggled with veteran Etsuko Mita. Mita remembered the good old days of LCO and gave Haruka a good beating. Finally Matsuo resorted to cheating to get a cheap victory. Where is NEO going with this?

The OZ Academy was in Nagasaki. Carlos Amano teamed with Dynamite Kansai against Mayumi Ozaki and Devil Masami. Carlos pinned Devil, but Masami turned around and immediately won the battle royale which followed, pinning Chikayo Nagashima with a Liger Bomb to end the show.

The 25th is Tuesday, and Tuesday means WAVE. Unfortunately, Tuesday only meant joshi for 49 people, as they continue to struggle at the gate. KAORU and Shu Shibutani won in their final match as a team before Shu's trip to Mexico. Shu hit a senton and KAORU followed up with the Valkyrie Splash to beat "Dark Mask" Bolshoi (i.e. GAMI). Yumi Ohka fell short again, losing to Ran Yu-Yu in a rather long match, 26 minutes. GAMI was upset with Ohka for her losing streak and wants her to regain her lost honor by beating Hiroyo Matsumoto in an upcoming show. I guess it's time to bring the caliber of opposition down to Yumi's level.

Also, Toshie Uematsu beat Saki Maemura at a ZERO1-MAX show. I guess Saki's plan to make Toshie a stepping stone didn't work. I think everyone expects Jamie D will give Saki a big ass-whipping in the upcoming AWA title match.

K-DOJO "CLUB-K 3000", September 22, 2007
Chiba BlueField
76 Fans

2. Apple Miyuki defeated Taku Anzawa (4:59) with the Jona Gold.
3. Yuji Hino & Makoto Oishi defeated Saburo Inematsu & Yuu Yamagata (3:46) with a Powerbomb by Hino on Yamagata.

Ibuki #17 September 23, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
339 Fans

1. Aska Ohki defeated Mio Shirai (8:07) with a Missile Kick.
2. Sakura Emi/Yuko Motohashi defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto/Misaki Ohata (14:01) when Emi used the Nyan Nyan Press on Ohata.
3. Mariko Yoshida defeated Tomoka Nakagawa (16:52) with a Crab Hold.
4. Atsuko Emoto defeated NAO (13:47) by Submission.
5. Kyoko Kimura/Cherry defeated Shu Shibutani/Aoi Kizuki (23:47) when Kimura used the Big Boot on Kizuki.

SUN "COLORS ~AQUA SPECIAL~" September 23, 2007
Chiba Kimitsu Aquamarine Studio
Passion Cup '07 Tag Tournament
600 Fans

1. Passion Cup Tag Tournament - Round 1: Kayoko Haruyama/Arisa Nakajima defeated Saki Maemura/Fuuka (18:23) when Haruyama used a Lariat on Maemura.
2. Passion Cup Tag Tournament - Round 1: Hikaru/Atsuko Emoto defeated Aja Kong/ZEST.CO (9:21) when Emoto pinned ZEST.CO with the World's No. 1.
3. Passion Cup Tag Tournament - Semi Final: Nanae Takahashi/Natsuki*Taiyo defeated Kayoko Haruyama/Arisa Nakajima (12:07) when Takahashi used the NANAMOMO Driver on Nakajima.
4. Passion Cup Tag Tournament - Semi Final: Hikaru/Atsuko Emoto defeated Shu Shibutani/Kana (13:19) when Hikaru used the Kusha Rhythm on Kana.
5. Passion Cup Tag Tournament - Final: Hikaru/Atsuko Emoto defeated Nanae Takahashi/Natsuki*Taiyo (13:19) when Hikaru used the Lanakilla-H on Natsuki.

WAVE "Osaka Rhapsody" September 23, 2007
Osaka Delfin Arena Dotonbori
302 Fans

1. Opening WAVE: Keito defeated Tomoko Morii (9:54) with a High Kick.
2. Panic WAVE: Toshie Uematsu/Ran Yu-Yu and Eiger/Sayuri Okino (20:50) drew due to a Double Count Out.
3. Road to Resurrection: Azumi Hyuga defeated Yumi Ohka (14:26) with the Michinoku Driver II.
4. Premium WAVE: Dynamite Kansai/GAMI/Command Bolshoi defeated Devil Masami/KAORU/Michiko Ohmukai (18:42) when GAMI pinned Ohmukai.
5. 14-Woman Battle Royale, Daily Sports Journal Cup, Special Battle WAVE: Yumi Ohka defeated GAMI (16:27). Others, in order of elimination: Azumi Hyuga, Eiger, Sayuri Okino, Dynamite Kansai, Michiko Ohmukai, Devil Masami, KAORU, Tomoko Morii, Toshie Uematsu, Ran Yu-Yu, Keito, Command Bolshoi.

IWA JAPAN September 23, 2007
Shinjuku FACE

Takeshi Minamino/Caribbean Ram defeated Jaguar Yokota/Hisamaru Tajima (3:29) by foul.
Dump Matsumoto/Sasori defeated Jumbo Hori/Sachie Abe (10:13) when Dump pinned Abe.

JWP "FLASHPOINT" September 24, 2007
Itabashi Green Hall
140 Fans

1. Misaki Ohata defeated Aska Ohki (8:22) with a Reverse Hit.
2. Sachie Abe/KAZUKI defeated Toshie Uematsu/Arisa Nakajima (9:46) when KAZUKI used the K-Crusher on Nakajima.
3. Kayoko Haruyama defeated Shu Shibutani (11:43) with the Orange Blossom.
4. Manami Toyota defeated Tsubasa Kuragaki (17:10) with the Japanese Ocean Queen Bee Bomb.
5. Azumi Hyuga/Command Bolshoi/Tojuki Leon defeated Keito/Kaori Yoneyama/Ran Yu-Yu (18:43) when Leon used the noki-A Backbreaker on Yoneyama.

NEO "VICTORIOUS" September 24, 2007
Itabashi Green Hall
128 Fans

1. Shu Shibutani defeated Aya Yuki (9:33) with the Northern Lights Suplex Hold.
2. Tanny Mouse/Yuki Miyazaki defeated Mika Mizunuma/Yuiga (8:48) when Tanny defeated
Mizunuma with a Cross Armbreaker.
3. Misae Genki defeated Mai Ichii (10:50) with the Nodowa Otoshi.
4. Toshie Uematsu/Ran Yu-Yu defeated Aoi Kizuki/Nagisa Nozaki (17:36) when Uematsu used a Diving Body Press on Nozaki.
5. Yoshiko Tamura defeated Tomoka Nakagawa (11:48) with the Patriot Buster.
6. Haruka Matsuo defeated Etsuko Mita (18:08) with a Cradle after "cheating".

OZ Academy September 24, 2007
Nagasaki Saikai Paradise

1. Aja Kong/Chikayo Nagashima defeated AKINO/Bullfight Sora when Kong used a Vertical Drop Brainbuster on Sora.
2. OZ Men's Match: Mt. Aso defeated Flame Shuichi with the Magma Splash.
3. Sonoko Kato defeated Obacchi Iizuka (11:26) with the Crown's Gate after a restart.
4. Dynamite Kansai/Carlos Amano defeated Mayumi Ozaki/Devil Masami (11:38) when Amano defeated Masami.
5. Battle Royale: Devil Masami defeated Chikayo Nagashima (10:50) with a Liger Bomb. Order of Elimination: Mt. Aso, Sonoko Kato, Mayumi Ozaki, Aja Kong, Dynamite Kansai, Flame
Shuichi, Carlos Amano, AKINO, Bullfight Sora, Chikayo Nagashima.

WAVE September 25, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
49 Fans

1. Opening WAVE: Michiko Ohmukai defeated Kyoko Kimura (8:20) with a Right Hook.
2. Lucha WAVE: KAORU/Shu Shibutani defeated Command Bolshoi/Dark Mask Bolshoi (GAMI) (19:20) when KAORU used the Valkyrie Splash on Dark Mask.
3. Comical WAVE: Obacchi Iizuka defeated Bullfight Sora (13:45) with the Obacchi Drop.
4. Road to Resurrection: Ran Yu-Yu defeated Yumi Ohka (26:27) with an Elbow Smash.

ZERO1-MAX "BRAND-NEW SENSATION WORLD 1JR.2007" September 25, 2007
Shizuoka Kira Messe Numazu
1300 Fans

2. SUN Offer Match: Toshie Uematsu defeated Saki Maemura (11:16) with a Cradle.

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