Saturday, October 6, 2007

Results, October 5-6

The biggest show over the last couple of days was the Senjo vs JWP battle in Sendai on Friday night. This did not go well for Sendai Girls for several reasons. Sendai won the opening, as Mizhaaya dominated Aska Ohki, but then fell in three straight matches, as Hiren, Sendai Sachiko, and DASH CHISAKO lost to Command Bolshoi, Kaori Yoneyama, and Tsubasa Kuragaki, respectively. All three of these matches were described as competitive. Harada, an 18-year old Sendai trainee, was introduced to the crowd and it was announced that she will debut at the next show.

In the main event, Meiko Satomura and her young star Tyrannosaurus Okuda battled JWP champ Azumi Hyuga and JWP junior champ Arisa Nakajima. Hyuga defeated Satomura with a running knee, and in a somewhat chaotic scene after the match, Satomura was down injured while Hyuga threw out a challenge for her title. Command Bolshoi (head of JWP) and Jinsei Shinzaki (president of Michinoku Pro and Sendai Girls) met in the ring and announced a Meiko/Azumi match for the title at Sendai's next show on November 18th. Unfortunately, it was later found that Meiko suffered a fractured eye socket and it appears that match is off for now. It will be interesting to see how Sendai Girls deals without their ace for as yet undetermined amount of time and how next month's show versus JWP gets booked.

Saturday featured a NEO show and several minor results. NEO was at Itabashi Green Hall. Notable events included the apparent introduction of two new characters, as Tanny Mouse, Yuki Miyazaki, and some Chinese character defeated Kayoko Haruyama, Kaori Yoneyama (i.e. the former fake NEO Machine Gunz), and their partner, whose name translated as Konaka=Pale One. NEO's chinese partner used a "Chinese footstamp" to beat Konaka. I've no idea who these people are. EDIT: They were indy guys Chou-un Shiryu and Konaka.

In more conventional matches, Misae Genki defeated Aya Yuki with a lariat in what sounded like a good solid match. These two will team up (reforming the team that won Discover New Heroine) to challenge Ayako Hamada and Kaoru Ito for the NEO tag belts. Yoshiko Tamura beat Miki Ishii and will face Makoto next. OK, that should be a MOTYC ;) Haruka Matsuo beat Tomoka Nakagawa in the main.

At UWAI Station, Takako Inoue (a late sub for Shinobu Kandori for undisclosed reasons) and Jaguar Yokota beat Manami Toyota and the judoka Mika. Big Japan thought it would be cute to have an Ice Ribbon offer match as a prelude to a lighttubes death match. Apple Miyuki & Yuu Yamagata were in the same tag match at K-DOJO; Apple's team won but neither woman was involved in the pinfall.

SENDAI GIRLS "DESTINY" October 5, 2007
Zepp Sendai
700 Fans

1. Mizhaaya defeated Aska Ohki (6:38) by submission with "The Fig Tree".
2. Command Bolshoi defeated Hiren (11:31) by Referee Stop due to a Triangle Chokehold.
3. Kaori Yoneyama defeated Sendai Sachiko (8:38) with a Top Rope Diving Senton.
4. Tsubasa Kuragaki defeated DASH CHISAKO (11:01) with a Lariat.
5. Azumi Hyuga & Arisa Nakajima defeated Meiko Satomura & Tyrannosaurus Okuda (17:57) when Hyuga used a Running Knee on Satomura.

NEO "VICTORIOUS" October 6, 2007
Itabashi Green Hall
131 Fans

1. Cherry defeated Nagisa Nozaki (8:52) with a Reverse DDT.
2. Etsuko Mita defeated Makoto (8:18) with a Blazing Chop.
3. Tanny Mouse/Yuki Miyazaki/Chou-un Shiryu defeated Kayoko Haruyama/Kaori Yoneyama/ Konaka=Pale One (11:59) when Shiryu used a Chinese Footstamp on Konaka.
4. Misae Genki defeated Aya Yuki (13:50) with a Strong Arm Lariat.
5. Yoshiko Tamura defeated Miki Ishii (12:01) with a Patriot Buster.
6. Haruka Matsuo defeated Tomoka Nakagawa (13:37) with a Dragon Suplex Hold.

Tokyo Differ Ariake
1270 Fans

5. Takako Inoue/Jaguar Yokota defeated Manami Toyota/Mika (11:12) when Inoue used a Grand Octopus Hold on Mika.

Suwa Shrine Special Ring
400 Fans

2. Ice Ribbon Offer Match: Emi Sakura & Minami Hikari defeated Aoi Kizuki & Seina (12:21) when Sakura used the Nyan Nyan Press on Seina.

K-DOJO "CLUB-K TOUR in OSAKA" October 6, 2007
Osaka Delfin Arena Dotonbori
219 Fans

2. KAZMA, Boso Boy Raito & Apple Miyuki defeated Saburo Inematsu, Yuu Yamagata & Tadanobu Fujisawa (17:29) when KAZMA used the AX Bomber on Fujisawa.

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