Monday, October 8, 2007

Results, October 7-8

Sunday and Monday featured two title changes in the newly renamed CHICK-FIGHTS SUN and the beginning of the 16 person Next Challenger Determination Tournament in Oz Academy.

The SUN girls and ZERO1-MAX boys were together in Osaka on Saturday. Both the EWA and AWA belts changed hands. Fuuka submitted Tracy "Island Girl" Taylor with a cross armbreaker, and in a WTF booking moment, Saki Maemura somehow defeated big gaijin Jamie D to capture the AWA Women's title. Saki was quite proud and emotional. Nothing against Maemura, but SUN seems to have no long-term planning and the belts change hands far too often and everyone seems to get to have a turn with a title. Sometimes a long chase and feud is better than hotshotting the multitude of "world" championships. In case anyone thought Fuuka and Saki are the aces of SUN, Nanae Takahashi and Azumi Hyuga went 27 minutes (more than the title matches combined). Nanae won and became the "Icon of Chicks".

The same crew was in Gifu on Monday. Tracy Taylor got jobbed out back to Hawaii, as she lost to Kana. Jamie D used the F-5 in a quick squash of Natsuki*Taiyo to regain some credibility. I don't know if SUN plans on using either of these women again, or if they will find new gaijin. In the main event, Nanae and Saki defeated Hikaru and Fuuka, as champion Maemura pinned champion Fuuka. Maybe they should unify the belts ;)

Also on Monday, the OZ Academy ladies were in Osaka, as part of an double shot at IMP Hall with the Osaka Pro boys. The first three matches of the Challenger Tournament took place, and Ran Yu-Yu, Manami Toyota, and Dynamite Kansai advanced to the quarterfinals. Toyota and Kansai will face each other, while Ran will wrestle the winner of the OZ Men's matchup between Ryuma and El Blazer. In the main event, Devil Masami did the job in a special match in her honor on her upcoming retirement. Carlos Amano hit Devil with the Carlos Ghosn, then Ozaki hit the OZAKICK to finish Masami off. It's nice that Devil is putting over that promising little girl Mayumi.

K-DOJO "CLUB-K SUPER outbreak in HAKATA", October 7, 2007 (GAORA TV)
Hakata Star Lane
409 Fans

2. Mr. X, Saburo Inematsu & Yuu Yamagata defeated Daigoro Kashiwa, Apple Miyuki & Kaji Yamato (11:14) when Inematsu used the Death Valley Bomb on Yamato.

CHICK-FIGHTS SUN "CHICK & DOG" October 7, 2007
Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium #2
1500 Fans

1. Opening Chick: Natsuki*Taiyo defeated Kana (13:37) with an Iguchi Bomb.
2. Speed & Fly: Ikuto Hidaka/KAGETORA vs Minoru Fujita/El Blazer (15:00) went to a Time Limit Draw.
3. EWA Women's World Championship: Fuuka defeated Tracy Taylor (c) (8:43) with a Cross Armbreaker-Title Change.
4. Chick & Dog?: Aja Kong/Kohei Sato/American Balloon defeated Hikaru/Masato Tanaka/Lingerie Muto (20:26) due to a Referee Stop when Sato had Hikaru in a Single-Leg Crab Hold.
5. AWA Women's Japan Championship: Saki Maemura defeated Jamie D (c) (8:17) with the Never Give Up. Title Change.
6. Decide the Icon of Chicks!: Nanae Takahashi defeated Azumi Hyuga (27:43) with the NANARACKA*100.

Gifu Chamber of Commerce Hall
800 Fans

0. Exhibition Match: Osamu Namiguchi vs Naomiki Ueda (5:00) ended in a Time Limit Draw.
1. Kana defeated Tracy Taylor (11:01) with the Tracy Hunter.
2. Minoru Fujita/Futoshi Miwa defeated Shota Takanishi/American Balloon (12:22) when Fujita used the Sasuke Segway on Takanishi.
3. Jamie D defeated Natsuki*Taiyo (4:12) with the F-5.
4. Masato Tanaka/Ikuto Hidaka defeated Kohei Sato/Tatsuhito Takiawa (15:29) when Tanaka used the Sliding D on Takaiwa.
5. Nanae Takahashi/Saki Maemura defeated Hikaru/Fuuka (21:47) when Maemura used the Flower-Maru on Fuuka.

OZ ACADEMY "OZ RED ROSE" October 8, 2007
Osaka IMP Hall

1. Mayumi Ozaki/Aja Kong defeated Carlos Amano/AKINO (15:50) when Kong used the Diving Elbow Drop on AKINO.
2. Next Challenger Determination Tournament: Ran Yu-Yu defeated Chikayo Nagashima (8:08) with the Elbow Smash.
3. Next Challenger Determination Tournament: Manami Toyota defeated Sonoko Kato (8:38) with the Queen Bee Bomb.
4. Next Challenger Determination Tournament: Dynamite Kansai defeated Takako Inoue (3:01) with the Splash Mountain.
5. Osaka Pro Offer Match: Kuishinbo Kamen/Takoyakida defeated Miracle Man/Ebessan III (11:26) when Kamen used the Kansai Airport Tornado on Ebessan III.
6. Devil Masami Retirement Memorial Match ~The Purple Rose in Eternity~: Mayumi Ozaki/Carlos Amano defeated Devil Masami/Dynamite Kansai (12:54) when either Amano used the Carlos Ghosn or Ozaki used the OZAKICK on Masami.

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