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Results, November 4-11

This week was all about big beautiful (?) women with bad hair. Most of the cute young things took the week off (not all).

SUN was on tour with ZERO1-MAX again. Most of the matches involved Nanae, Saki, and/or Natsuki. Nanae and Saki took turns winning and Natsuki took turns jobbing. Hikaru showed up on Saturday to get her ass kicked by Aja Kong for the umpteenth time.

This week on Velocity, I mean WAVE saw the debut of the Super Afro Machine Gunz. GAMI doesn't rock the Afro as effectively as Kyoko. The main event was called Serious Wave, despite the fact that it featured GAMI and Tanny Mouse. The Neo Machine Gunz beat another team of pretenders, as "Sexy Tank" Yuki Miyazaki pinned GAMI. Then Tanny, Yuki, and Toshie U went out for Korean BBQ.

LLPW resumed action after a few months away, with a pair of charity shows in Saitama. I only have incomplete results. It looks like a bunch of very short matches.

But the biggest collection of scary beefy middle-aged broads in Japan was found on Sunday afternoon at Shinjuku FACE. It was Dump Matsumoto's birthday (47), so what better than to have a bunch of garbage matches! First Dump beat Yuriko Takagai (called Tarashima by mistake last week), which is understandable because Takagai is a middle-aged out-of-shape woman who has barely wrestled in 25 years. Cherry showed up to job to Kayoko Haruyama but mainly to wear short pants and excite heterosexual men. Then the secret partners of Dump and Shark were revealed. Shark was predictable and got Crusher. Dump got Combat Toyoda in her first match in about 10 years. Then they all hit each other with chairs and sticks. Dump fell on Shark and that was that. Then GAMI showed up again and Yumiko Hotta put her to sleep. Command Bolshoi beat Jumbo Hori, and finally Toshie Uematsu proved that there is a god by WINNING the match against Dump and Sasori, pinning the younger, balder one. Mayumi Ozaki and Police were there as well and it appears Police took most of the punishment.

If you like your women younger, smaller, and more energetic, then Ibuki #18 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring was more to your tastes. Again, my results are partial as of this writing, but 20 minutes of spazziness between IchiMai and the Sendai sisters ended when Tomoka Nakagawa clobbered Sendai Sachiko. Arisa Nakajima practiced jobbing for her title defense next week by getting tied up into Mariko Yoshida's Spider Twist. The main event saw a shocker, as Misaki Ohata got the pin on Kyoko Kimura. If this isn't a typo, I expect that Kimura went nuts and that this is NOT over. I expect to see "Revenge WAVE" in the near future.

K-DOJO November 4, 2007
Chiba International Budo University #3 Fieldhouse
1153 Fans

1. Saburo Inematsu & Yuu Yamagata defeated Apple Miyuki & Hiro Tonai (11:33) with the 369 by Inematsu on Tonai.

K-DOJO "CLUB-K SUPER joke", November 5, 2007 (GAORA TV)
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

525 Fans

2. Teppei Ishizaka Return Match: Ryota Chikuzen, KAZMA, Quiet Storm & Yuu Yamagata defeated Daigoro Kashiwa, Teppei Ishizaka, Apple Miyuki & Kazuya Kawasaki (7:36) with a Fisherman Buster from Storm on Apple.

ZERO1-MAX "BELIEVE YOUR WAY", November 5, 2007
Shunan City Sports Center
1600 Fans

3. Chick Fights SUN 3 Way Match: Nanae Takahashi defeated Saki Maemura & Natsuki*Taiyo (13:26) with a Backdrop Suplex on Taiyo.

ZERO1-MAX "BELIEVE YOUR WAY", November 6, 2007
Kokura Northern Gymnasium

1500 Fans

3. Chick Fights SUN 3 Way Match: Saki Maemura defeated Nanae Takanishi & Natsuki*Taiyo (10:49) when Maemura pinned Taiyo.

WAVE "DRIFT ON THE WAVE" November 6, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

76 Fans

1. Challenge Wave: Toshie Uematsu/Ran Yu-Yu defeated Hanako Kobayashi/Io Shirai (13:47) when Yu-Yu used a Diving Knee Drop on Kobayashi.
2. Hope Wave: Yumi Ohka defeated Asuka Ohki (10:55) with the Neck-Hanging Bomb.
3. Power Wave: Tsubasa Kuragaki defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto (9:36) with a Lariat.
4. Serious Wave: Tanny Mouse/Yuki Miyazaki defeated GAMI/Kyoko Kimura (18:11) when Miyazaki pinned GAMI with an Inside Cradle.

Tottori Industrial Gym
800 Fans

3. Chick Fights SUN Offer Match: Saki Maemura defeated Natsuki*Taiyo (13:33) with the Alcatraz.

Niimi Citizen Gym

2500 Fans

4. Chick Fights SUN 3 Way Match: Nanae Takahashi defeated Saki Maemura & Natsuki*Taiyo (17:20) with the Nanarocker over Maemura.

KERO PRO WRESTLING (Hidekazu Tanaka) November 9, 2007
Nagano Movement Park Gym
1300 Fans

3. Touru Owashi & \(^o^)/ CHIE defeated Abdullah Kobayashi & Nagisa Nozaki (8:58) when CHIE used an Inside Cradle on Nozaki.
4. P*MAX Tag Titles: Gran Hamada & Ayako Hamada (c) defeated Katsushi Takemura & Kaoru Ito (20:05) when Ayako used a Reverse Huricanrana on Ito.

K-DOJO "CLUB-K 1000" November 10, 2007
Chiba Blue Field
57 Fans

2. Teppei Ishizaka/Yoshiaki Yago defeated Apple Miyuki/Tadashi Sano (8:41) when Ishizaka pinned Miyuki.

K-DOJO "CLUB-K 3000" November 10, 2007
Chiba Blue Field

92 Fans

1. KAZMA/Yuu Yamagata defeated Daigoro Kashiwa/Kazuya Kawasaki (9:08) when KAZMA used the KAZMAX on Kawasaki.

ZERO-ONE MAX "MAX-HOLIC" November 10, 2007
Osaka Prefectural Gym #2

1000 Fans

2. 3 Way Match ~2007 Final Chick in Osaka: Saki Maemura defeated Nanae Takahashi & Natsuki*Taiyo (11:26) by using the Flower-Maru on Taiyo.
5. Heaven or Hell: Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Aja Kong defeated Shinjiro Otani & Hikaru (10:02) when Kong used a Vertical Drop Brainbuster on Hikaru.

LLPW November 10, 2007
AIDS Prevention Charity Event

Heda Motorboat Race Event Hall (Saitama)

1. Mizuki Endo defeated Francoise* (6:03) with a Lariat.
2. Sawaco defeated Obacchi Iizuka (7:08) with a Ballerina Kick.
3. Shinobu Kandori/Harley Saito defeated Eiger/Sayuri Okino (8:43) when Saito pinned Eiger after Okino accidentally struck Eiger with a Bamboo Stick.
4. JWP Offer Match: Kaori Yoneyama defeated Asuka Ohki (5:26) with a Double Wrist Armsault.
5. Noriyo Tateno/Hanako Kobayashi defeated Takako Inoue/Tomoko Morii (5:05) when Tateno used a German Suplex on Morii.

LLPW November 11, 2007
AIDS Prevention Charity Event
Heda Motorboat Race Event Hall (Saitama)

1. Sayuri Okino defeated Francoise* (5:30) with a Fishersman Suplex Hold.
2. Eiger defeated Noriyo Tateno (4:25) with a Lariat.
3. Ayako Sato/Aki Kambayashi defeated Obacchi Iizuka/Hanako Kobayashi (9:18) when Kambayashi pinned Kobayashi.
4. JWP Offer Match: KAZUKI defetead Tojuki Leon (6:50).
5. Shinobu Kandori/Takako Inoue defeated Harley Saito/Mizuki Endo (4:22) when Inoue pinned Saito.

IBUKI #18 November 11, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
361 Fans

1. Tomoko Morii defeated Mio Shirai (7:18) with a Missile Kick -> Body Hold.
2. Sakura Emi defeated Asuka Ohki (9:27) with a Moonsault Press.
3. Mai Ichii/Tomoka Nakagawa defeated DASH Chisako/Sendai Sachiko (20:20) when Nakagawa used a Strong Arm on Sachiko.
4. Mariko Yoshida defeated Arisa Nakajima (12:38) with a Spider Twist.
5. Hiroyo Matsumoto/Misaki Ohata defeated Kyoko Kimura/Aoi Kizuki (18:39) when Ohata pinned Kimura.

Atrocious Alliance Produce November 11, 2007
Shinjuku FACE
Dump Matsumoto's 47th Birthday

0. Sakura Hirota comic dialogue
1. First Match in 25 Years: Dump Matsumoto defeated Yuriko Takagai (2:53) with a Body Press.
2. Kayoko Haruyama defeated Cherry (12:33) with a Diving Guillotine Drop.
3. FMW Active Service & OG Match: Dump Matsumoto & Combat Toyoda defeated Shark Tsuchiya & Crusher Maedomari (11:45) when Dump used a Diving Body Press on Shark.
4. Yumiko Hotta defeated GAMI (9:50) with a Sleeper Hold.
5. Bolshoi Kid defeated Jumbo Hori (7:05) with a Reverse Huricanrana.
6. Mayumi Ozaki/Toshie Uematsu defeated Dump Matsumoto/Sasori (15:38) when Uematsu pinned Sasori with a Cradle.

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