Sunday, November 11, 2007

Schedule, November 12-18

After all the Dump & FMW nostalgia madness last week, this week gets us back to some of the stars of today and tomorrow.

Tuesday Night WAVE will see Knee Brace Wave betweeen Yumi Ohka and Sonoko Kato, along with GAMI vs Asuka Ohki and Toshie & Ran taking on veteran powergirl Tsubasa Kuragaki and young powergirl Hiroyo Matsumoto.

Thursday and Friday (15th/16th) will see the conclusion of the Chick Fever J League that was begun last month. Everyone except Natsuki*Taiyo has the chance of winning their zone and making the finals on Friday. Who knows what the stakes are, especially with all the kayfabed confusion about the status of the AWA belt (the evil gaijin AWA board is threatening to strip Saki and give control of the belt to Hawaii's HWA, the home of Tracy Taylor). Kana and Fuuka aren't in the league, but they will be on hand to wrestle and be cute.

JWP is back in action on Saturday, appearing at Akatsuka Public Hall. The notable matches are Sachie Abe vs Manami Toyota and the main event of Azumi Hyuga & Command Bolshoi versus Kuragaki and Kaori Yoneyama. Saturday will also feature the usual K-DOJO stuff and the Shirai sisters on opposite teams (Mio & GAMI against Io & Toshie) at some indy sleaze event.

The Shirai sisters reunite on Sunday the 18th at their indy sleaze home (MAKEHEN), against Kyoko Kimura and Yuu Yamagata. Some of the OZzies (Mayumi & Chikayo vs Carlos & AKINO) will be working a charity event for social welfare at Shinjuku FACE. NEO will be running a dojo show and keeping the results secret.

The show I'm most looking forward to is at Zepp Sendai for Sendai Girls' "HARDSHIP", the first major show since Satomura's injury. It's another round of Senjo vs JWP. Mari Harada has her official debut against Command Bolshoi. DASH Chisako will take on Azumi "Facecrusher" Hyuga, as the JWP Championship match and potential MOTYC of Hyuga vs. Meiko has been put off. We do get a title match, as the pictured JWP Junior and POP (Princess of Pro-Wrestling) Title holder Arisa Nakajima takes on Sendai's best youngster, Tyrannosaurus Okuda. Okuda battled Aja for a title belt a few months back, so Nakajima won't scare her. I smell a title change! That should keep up the heat between Senjo and JWP and we already know both Okuda and Nakajima will be in the Jr. All Stars main event, presumably on opposite teams.

WAVE "DRIFT ON THE WAVE" November 13, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

1. Yumi Ohka vs Sonoko Kato
2. Toshie Uematsu/Ran Yu-Yu vs Tsubasa Kuragaki/Hiroyo Matsumoto
3. GAMI vs Asuka Ohki
one more match

SUN "~CHICK FEVER J~JUMP!!!" November 15, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

1. Chick Fever J - Cup Zone: noki-A [3] vs. Kayoko Haruyama [2]
2. Chick Fever J - Coin Zone: Toshie Uematsu [2] vs. Saki Maemura [2]
3. Tojuki Leon vs Kana
4. Chick Fever J - Coin Zone: Hikaru [2] vs. KY Hotta [2]
5. Chick Fever J - Cup Zone: Nanae Takahashi [3] vs. Natsuki*Taiyo [0]

SUN "~CHICK FEVER J~FINAL!!!!" November 16, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

5. Chick Fever J - Final: Cup Zone Winner vs Coin Zone Winner
Other matches TBA
Participants: Nanae Takahashi, Hikaru, Saki Maemura, Natsuki*Taiyo, Kayoko Haruyama, KY Hotta, noki-A, Toshie Uematsu, Fuuka, Kana

JWP "LINE OF HEAT" November 17, 2007
Akatsuka Public Hall

1. Tojuki Leon vs Cherry
2. Kayoko Haruyama/Asuka Ohki vs Keito/Arisa Nakajima
3. Sachie Abe vs Manami Toyota
4. KAZUKI vs Ran Yu-Yu
5. Azumi Hyuga/Command Bolshoi vs Tsubasa Kuragaki/Kaori Yoneyama

Shin-kiba 1st Ring

2. GAMI & Mio Shirai vs Io Shirai & Toshie Uematsu

K-DOJO "CLUB-K 1000" November 17, 2007
Chiba Blue Field

K-DOJO "CLUB-K 3000" November 17, 2007
Chiba Blue Field

SENDAI GIRLS "HARDSHIP" November 18, 2007
Zepp Sendai

1. Debut Match: Mari Harada vs Command Bolshoi
2. Hiren vs Kayoko Haruyama
3. Aya Mizunami vs Tsubasa Kuragaki
4. Sendai Sachiko vs Kaori Yoneyama
5. DASH Chisako vs Azumi Hyuga
6. JWP Jr./POP Titles: Arisa Nakajima (c) vs Tyrannosaurus Okuda

NEO November 18, 2007
Yokohama NEO Exercise Hall

MAKEHEN 10 November 18, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

Io Shirai/Mio Shirai vs Kyoko Kimura/Yuu Yamagata

SHINJUKU "BATTLE AID" November 18, 2007
Shinjuku FACE
Charity Event

Mayumi Ozaki/Chikayo Nagashima vs Carlos Amano/AKINO

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