Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Arisa Nakajima Retires

Very disappointing news for joshi puro fans, as Arisa Nakajima, just a few days short of her 20th birthday, has announced that she is leaving wrestling. The reason why is a bit sketchy, but a translation of her statement is on the JoshiFans board.


The photo is only a year old. We thought Nakajima & Okuda were the future of joshi, but now Arisa has retired and Okuda was injured and then quit Sendai Girls to try a new identity as Basara in Team MAKEHN. Incidentally, Basara has gotten her first non-MAKEHEN booking since returning, as she'll be teaming with Mikado against Kaoru Ito & Hanako Kobayashi at a MAKEHEN show on 6/27 and then working the Ito Dojo show the next day, opponents to be determined.

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