Monday, June 1, 2009

Ohata is the Junior Champ/RA whips LCO

After a slow few weeks after the end of Golden Week, things started picking up in joshi puroresu again, with several decent shows around Japan.

WAVE started the Catch the WAVE league on the 27th, with 4 blocks of 4 wrestlers, with a gimmick for each block. Moeka Haruhi defeated Pinkie Mayuka in the Young Persons' Block, Kana & Kyoko Kimura had a draw in the UK Block (I think the gimmick there is Bati-Bati matches, with win by KO or submission only), Cherry & Bullfight Sora drew in the Comical Block, and Yumi Ohka got revenge over Toshie Uematsu by winning the opening match in the Visual Technical Block. Ask GAMI about these silly names. Several wrestlers have not had their first match yet.

LLPW and Ito Dojo showed up at Hakata Star Lanes for some cosmic bowling. This partnership with Ito Dojo is a sweet deal for LLPW. They managed to have a five match card without any of the old hags from LLPW dropping a single pinfall. Ayako Sato was kind enough to lose to both Noriyo Tateno and her mentor Kaoru Ito.

NEO went up to Sapporo Teisen Hall and kicked off the traditional tour of Hokkaido. The notable match here was a 29 minute long Hardcore Rules affair between Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda (Los Cachorrus Orientales) and Kyoko Kimura & Atsuko Emoto (Revolucion Amandola). Unlike last fall, the younger thugs won this time, Emoto doing the honors with a Shining Wizard on Mita. Mima, Toshie Uematsu, Ayumi Kurihara, and the comedy minis from West Exit Pro are doing the tour with the NEO roster. All the main events are Big Momma in various tags, so I think Kyoko Inoue might be the first defense for Yoshiko Tamura.

JWP drew a nice crowd at Strait Messe Shimonoseki. Command Bolshoi & Megumi Yabushita retained the tag titles, beating Sachie Abe & KAZUKI. Tojuki Leon got the pinfall in the main event. She teamed with Kayoko Haruyama & Azumi Hyuga and they beat Aja Kong, Jaguar Yokota, and Keito. The one that's not in Meltzer's HOF is the one who counted the lights.

Ibuki had their 4th Anniversary show, drawing over 1000 to Korakuen Hall. The opener was a #1 Challengers match for the JWP Junior/P.O.P. titles. DASH Chisako and Misaki Ohata had drawn over 25 minutes earlier this month, necessitating this replay. Ohata finally got the win at 13:57. The other young Sendai Girls lost as well, as Sendai Sachiko, Ryo Mizunami, and Yukari Ishino lost to Fuuka, Shu Shibutani, and Esui, as Esui pinned Ishino. The "dream team" of Meiko Satomura and Nanae Takahashi was too tough for Ray & Natsuki*Taiyo, as Meiko used the Death Valley Bomb on the masked one. Wait, we haven't had the traditional big anniversary show upset yet. Usually Mariko Yoshida is nice enough to job to one of her kids. She's still on hiatus, so Hiroyo Matsumoto did the honors by losing the junior titles to Ohata, as Ohata used the Kido Clutch to win after 18 minutes. Quite a day for JD Star's final rookie, as she worked 30+ minutes of singles and ended up as the surprise champ.

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