Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haruyama Retains/More Injuries

This past week featured injuries and JWP's big summer show.

Bambi broke her leg last week in a K-DOJO show, Basara (Shuri Okuda) suffered a concussion in practice, and Pinkie Mayuka injured her left knee.

Despite this injury, Mayuka still tried to win the JWP Junior/POP titles from Misaki Ohata, but was unsuccessful. Ohata used the Hanamaru Dokkan finisher she learned from Saki Maemura for the win. I suspect Mayuka may be out for a while and that this was a last minute booking switch.

Azumi Hyuga beat Tojuki Leon, where I was expecting an upset as Hyuga has announced her retirement at the end of the year. The tag titles did change hands. Kaori Yoneyama and Emi Sakura are the new JWP/Daily Sports champs, as Yone used the U.S.-Zou on Command Bolshoi, teamed with Megumi Yabushita.

The main event was Kayoko Haruyama defending against Kyoko Kimura. There was a no DQ stipulation, so Kimura brought weapons including light tubes and barbed wire boards. Both of these chicks are nuts and there were a lot of crazy spots in what sounds like a JMOTYC. Apparently Kimura did a footstomp from the balcony onto Haruyama, laying on the Korakuen bleachers. Are they really paid enough to do that? Haruyama also got superplexed onto barbed wire, but the big orange gal still won, using the reliable Keene Hammer. Haruyama has now had the titles for 15 months and 6 defenses, tying Hikari Fukuoka's record for most consecutive JWP Openweight defenses. Haruyama did break a rib and will miss about 6 weeks.

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