Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kana Leaves Passion Red

A few tidbits to make a midweek post about.  First, as most joshi fans following the online forums or blogs know, Kana has left Passion Red.  Apparently she scuffled and exchanged words with Nanae Takahashi during their tag match at the NEO show last weekend, resulting in Kana's announcement.  Then they traded barbs in their respective blogs. Opinions are mixed on whether this is a work, a shoot, or a "worked shoot".  I'm leaning towards work and hope this leads to a Nanae-Kana feud and establishing Kana in the upper echelon.  If it's a shoot, then I hope this doesn't lead to Kana getting marginalized to indy sleaze shows or leaving joshi altogether.  As far as I know, Kana is still appearing on the Sendai Girls show on 1/31 and the WAVE show on 2/2 that she was already announced on.  Neither of those shows involve other Passion Red wokers.

JWP has announced that rookie Senri Kuroki (I now think "Chisato" was a mistranslation of her name, as announcers seem to say "Senri" and an alternate translator gave me something close to that) is injured with an "avulsion fracture" to her knee.  They are announcing about a month for recovery.  I looked it up on Wikipedia; this is basically an injury at the point where the tendon or ligament attaches to the bone.  Minor injuries just need rest; more major injuries require surgery.  I'm always worried every time a rookie misses action, as so many of them disappear.

One who hasn't disappeared is Basara (aka Shuri "Tyrannosaurus" Okuda).  She's still blogging away and writing her column for L-Ring.  In addition to being a lightweight who couldn't hold down her champagne at her 20th birthday party, she's finally back in training.  She's working out with Hanako Kobayashi, Ayako Sato, and Tomoko Morii from Ito Dojo.  I don't know if this means that she'll be working for Ito Dojo in the future or free-lancing, but I'm guessing we'll see her re-emerge in a few months.  It does look like Sendai Girls' Sendai Sachiko is out for longer than I thought.  She recently had surgery to remove a metal rod from her ankle and even posted a yucky picture of her stitched up ankle.  No timetable for her or Hiren's return.


cainan said...

I hope this is worked. If it is then Kana could have a juicy feud with Nanae and maybe propell herself into a higher status.

TheElfenLiedPictureShow said...

Kana's also stopped following Nanae on twitter