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Results, January 20-24

The main excitement at WAVE's show on Wednesday came after the main event.  GAMI, Toshie Uematsu, and Mio Shirai had defeated Yumi Ohka, Moeka Haruhi, & KAORU in a best 2 of 3 falls match, with Mio pinning Moeka, KAORU using the Excalibur on Mio, and GAMI winning with the Adios Amiga on Ohka.  Then Mayumi Ozaki and Police showed up, beat the crap out of KAORU, and invited Yumi Ohka to join the Ozaki Army.  Ohka completely refused Mayumi's offer.  I'm guessing this means that Ohka will become part of the Ozaki-KAORU feud, likely now teaming with KAORU.

 Saturday saw Ice Ribbon and NEO in action.  Emi Sakura wrestled short exhibition matches with two unknowns, so I guess there will be even more little Ice Ribbonites.  Hiroyo Matsumoto and Hamuko Hoshi were successful in their first defense of the International Ice Ribbon tag team title, beating Tsukasa Fujimoto and Kazumi Shimouma when Hoshi pinned Fujimoto.  

NEO were at Shin-Kiba and it appears the general rookie curse in joshi has struck NEO again, as Natsumi Kawano, with a full two matches to her career total, was not on the card.  I'm not sure the reason, but Kawano is still on NEO's homepage along wtih Aoi Ishibashi and Nozomi Dai, who also disappeared quickly after debut.  Nagisa Nozaki is ever-injured, but President Koda talks about her every other day and obviously wants to push her badly.  Fortunately (?), the ever-bland Aya Yuki is immune to rookie injury curses and had a 15 minute draw with Hiroyo.  I guess they didn't want to job Aya a week before she challenges Ryo Mizunami for the JWP Jr./POP titles in Sendai.  Big Momma Inoue made short work of Sakura Hirota, the Revolucion Amandola Trio beat Ayumi Kurihara and the Shirais, with Nakagawa pinning Kurihara.  The funny girls (Tanny Mouse, Yuki Miyazaki, and Toshie Uematsu) beat Passion Red, with Miyazaki using a Gedo Clutch on Natsuki*Taiyo.  Yoshiko Tamura obviously beat Asami Kawasaki in the main event.

Joshi puroresu has no Sunday shows this week.  This is uncommon.  Maybe they are all praying that Amazing Kong and her buddy Melissa don't come back to Japan and beat them like they were Bubba the Hate Sponge.


WAVE January 20, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

104 Fans

1. Io Shirai defeated Misaki Ohata (8:44) with the Io de Janiero.
2. Kana defeated Shu Shibutani (11:45) with a Guraunndomannjigatame.
3. Bullfight Sora vs Sakura Hirota (0:00) was ruled no-contest
4. Best 2 of 3 Falls: GAMI, Toshie Uematsu, & Mio Shirai defeated Yumi Ohka, Moeka Haruhi, & KAORU (29:35) by 2 falls to 1.  Mio defeated Haruhi (15:03) with the Purple Flash. KAORU defeated Mio (1:43) with the Excalibur. GAMI defeated Ohka (12:39) with the Adios Amiga.

ICE RIBBON January 20, 2010
Warabi City Isami Wrestle Budokan

54 Fans

1. Natsuki*Taiyo defeated Chii Tomiya (6:50) with a Modified Cradle.
2. Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Mai Ichii (9:20) with a Tokaido Drop.
3. Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Hamuko Hoshi (6:59) with the Tsukadora.
4. Emi Sakura & Nanae Takahashi defeated Makoto & Hikaru Shida (15:12) when Takahashi used a Lariat on Makoto.

ICE RIBBON January 23, 2010
Warabi City Isami Wrestle Budokan
91 Fans

1. Exhibition: Emi Sakura vs ? (3:00) went to a time-limit draw.
2. Exhibition: Emi Sakura vs ? (3:00) went to a time-limit draw.
3. Nanae Takahashi & Miyako Matsumoto defeated Riho & Chii Tomiya (9:58) when Matsumoto did a Mama Mia on Plywood to Tomiya.
4. Mai Ichii defeated Makoto (8:56) with a Tonpachi Crash.
5. International Ice Ribbon Tag Team Championship: Hiroyo Matsumoto & Hamuko Hoshi defeated Tsukasa Fujimoto & Kazumi Shimouma (16:32) when Hoshi used the Shubain Bomb on Fujimoto. Matsumoto & Hoshi succeed in the 1st defense.

NEO "DYNAMISM" January 23, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
201 Fans

1. Aya Yuki vs Hiroyo Matsumoto (15:00) went to a time-limit draw.
2. Kyoko Inoue defeated Sakura Hirota (7:36) with a Power Bomb.
3. Kyoko Kimura, Atsuko Emoto, & Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Ayumi Kurihara, Mio Shirai, & Io Shirai (20:45) when Nakagawa used the Australian Arm on Kurihara.
4. Tanny Mouse, Yuki Miyazaki, & Toshie Uematsu defeated Nanae Takahashi, Natsuki*Taiyo, & Kana (13:04) when Miyazaki used the Gedo Clutch on Taiyo.
5. Yoshiko Tamura defeated Asami Kawasaki (12:21) with the Patriot Buster.

UNION January 24, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
291 Fans

2. Handicap Match: Mototsugu Shimuzu vs Masa Takanashi & Sakura Hirota (6:02) went to a no-contest.
4. Ricky Fuji defeated Cherry (10:20) with the Kamikaze.

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