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Results January 26-January 31

Ice Ribbon had their usual two small shows.  The main excitement seemed to be the new tag team of Makoto and Hikaru Shida scoring two victories over Nanae Takahashi and Hamuko Hoshi, with Hoshi taking both falls.  Hoshi is the International Ice Ribbon Tag champ with Hiroyo Matsumoto, and it seems that a title challenge from Makoto & Shida is imminent.  Also, according to Frank Pozen, Ice Ribbon's Kazumi Shimouma has joined Passion Red.

Sunday 1/31 was a busy day, with shows in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Sendai.  JWP ran a doubleshot from Kitasenju Theater, featuring several matches in the Open Class Challenge league.  In the matinee, Kaori Yoneyama beat Passion Hottei by count-out (and we thought that never happened on the radio show; we all forgot about the Toshie/Ran tag team reign in 2004 GAEA) and Ran Yu-Yu took out Sachie Abe.  The late show saw Ran pin Yoneyama in under 2 minutes, Leon won over Emi Sakura, and Nanae Takahashi beat Keito.  Current standings are JWP Block: Kaori Yoneyama 4 (2 matches left), Leon 4 (3 matches left), Sachie Abe 2 (3 matches left), Tsubasa Kuragaki 1 (4 matches left), Keito 0 (3 matches left) and Outsiders Block: Ran Yu-Yu 6 (2 matches left), Nanae Takahashi 3 (3 maches left), Emi Sakura 0 (3 matches left), Passion Hottei 0 (3 matches left), Yumi Ohka 0 (4 matches left).

WAVE was in Nagoya.   Highlights included Ayumi Kurihara beating Io Shirai, Manami Toyota over Shu Shibutani, and the GAEA team of Toshie Uematsu, Sonoko Kato, and Sakura Hirota beating GAMI, Yumi Ohka, and Bullfight Sora by 2 falls to 1.  After Ohka beat Sakura with a tiger suplex and Sonoko tied the score with a German suplex on GAMI, Hirota won the match by kissing the cow. Okey dokey.

Sendai Girls seemed to be doing a joshi version of UWF or BattlARTS, with a bunch of kickers in town.  Yukari Ishino got her new ring name, it's 花月which means "Flower Moon" and I think translates to Katsuki (tell me if I'm wrong).  Then she got stomped on by Dynamite Kansai.  Then Fuuka kicked DASH Chisako Hardy around.  Then Katsuki & Chisako teamed up (due to the short-handed roster, they worked double) and had to face Meiko Satomura and Kana.  I guess these girls were very bad in previous lives, as I suspect they got a severe ass-kicking.  It was announced that Kana vs Meiko will be the main event at Kana's vanity show at Shinjuku FACE on April 29th.  Let's pray for TV or DVD on this one.  I think Kana might have found a vet that's as eager to work super stiff as her.  The finale saw Ryo Mizunami make her first defense of the JWP Junior/P.O.P. titles, beating NEO's Aya Yuki.

EDIT: Ishino's new name is "Kagetu" or "Kagetsu".

FMW January 26, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

2. Mixed Tag Match: Yuta Nakata & Io Shirai defeated Great Sata & Mio Shirai (12:12) when Nakata used a Swanton Bomb on Sata.

ICE RIBBON January 27, 2010
Warabi City Isami Wrestle Budokan
55 Fans

1. Kaori Yoneyama defeated Mai Ichii (6:33) with a Rear Cradle.
2. Emi Sakura & Ribbon Takanashi vs Hiroyo Matsumoto & Chouun Shiryu (15:00) went to a time-limit draw.
3. Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Chii Tomiya (7:27) with a Jackknife-Style Hold.
4. Makoto & Hikaru Shida defeated Nanae Takahashi & Hamuko Hoshi (16:27) when Makoto used a German Suplex Hold on Hoshi.

ICE RIBBON January 30, 2010
Warabi City Isami Wrestle Budokan

91 Fans

1. Exhibition: Emi Sakura vs ? (3:00) went to a time-limit draw.
2. Exhibition: Mai Ichii vs ? (3:00) went to a time-limit draw.
3. Chii Tomiya defeated Miyako Matsumoto (6:52) with the Chiichikin.
4. Kazumi Shimouma defeated Tsukasa Fujimoto (9:28) with The Passion of the Woman.
5. Makoto & Hikaru Shida defeated Nanae Takahashi & Hamuko Hoshi (15:18) when Makoto used a Cradle on Hoshi.

T-1 January 30, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
257 Fans

1. Mio Shirai defeated UGP Mask with the Purple Flash.
5. Handicap Match: President Futami, Mika Nagano, & Aky defeated The Great Sasuke & Io Shirai (20:22) when Futami pinned Shirai after a Mistaken Bombing by Sasuke and a High Kick by Nagano.

JWP January 31, 2010 (afternoon)
Kitasenju Theater 1010

135 Fans

1. Leon defeated Hikaru Shida (7:12) with the Mad Splash.
2. Tsubasa Kuragaki & Keito defeated Kayoko Haruyama & KAZUKI (15:28) when Kuragaki used the Metal Wing on KAZUKI.
3. NEO High Speed #1 Contender's 3 Way Match: Natsuki*Taiyo defeated Command Bolshoi & Tsukasa Fujimoto (8:38) by using the Triple Taiyo*Chan Bomb on Fujimoto.
4. OCC League Match: Kaori Yoneyama [4] defeated Passion Hottei [0] (11:44) by Count Out.
5. OCC League Match: Ran Yu-Yu [4] defeated Sachie Abe [2] (20:25) with a Forearm Smash.

JWP January 31, 2010 (evening)
Kitasenju Theater 1010

130 Fans

1. Tsubasa Kuragaki defeated Hanako Kobayashi (10:14) with a Lariat.
2. Sachie Abe, KAZUKI, & Kazumi Shimouma defeated Kayoko Haruyama, Command Bolshoi, & Chii Tomiya (17:10) when KAZUKI used the K-Crusher on Tomiya.
3. OCC League Match: Ran Yu-Yu [6] defeated Kaori Yoneyama [4] (1:56) with the European Clutch.
4. OCC League Match: Leon [4] defeated Emi Sakura [0] (7:21) with the Captured Buster.
5. OCC League Match: Nanae Takahashi [3] defeated Keito [0] (16:19) with a Lariat.

NEO January 31, 2010
Yokohama NEO Dojo

WAVE January 31, 2010
Nagoya Aichi Club Diamond Hall
277 Fans

1. Moeka Haruhi & Misaki Ohata defeated Mio Shirai & HARU (12:25) when Haruhi used the Young Lady Clutch on HARU.
2. GAMI & Abdullah Kobayashi vs Cherry & Shigehiro Irie (13:16) when GAMI used a Cradle of Cherry.
3. Ayumi Kurihara defeated Io Shirai (8:51) with an Uranage.
4. Manami Toyota defeated Shu Shibutani (13:50) with a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex Hold.
5. WAVE vs GAEA, Best 2 of 3 Falls: Toshie Uematsu, Sonoko Kato, & Sakura Hirota defeated GAMI, Yumi Ohka, & Bullfight Sora (21:31) by 2 falls to 1. Ohka pinned Hirota (13:27) with a Tiger Suplex Hold. Kato pinned GAMI (3:34) with a German Suplex Hold. Hirota defeated Sora (4:30) with a Kiss.

SENDAI GIRLS January 31, 2010
Zepp Sendai
600 Fans

1. Dynamite Kansai defeated Kagetu  (7:15) with a Diving Footstomp.
2. Fuuka defeated DASH Chisako (10:52) with a Gedo Clutch.
3. Meiko Satomura & Kana defeated DASH Chisako & Kagetsu (16:39) when Kana used a Mawashi Kick on Katsuki.
4. JWP Junior & POP Championship: Ryo Mizunami defeated Aya Yuki (15:45) with a Shoulder Hold. Mizunami is successful in the 1st defense.

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