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Results February 2-7


Several groups saw action this week.  Let's lead it off with Groundhog's Day action from WAVE.  Punxsutaney Phil did not make an appearance, as he was afraid he'd end up in a match with Bullfight Sora or Sakura Hirota or that GAMI would shove a cake into his face.  Toshie Uematsu did face and beat the cow and the Hirota.  Yuki Miyazaki was the one who got the cake, as she turned 31, beat Cherry, and got the birthday WAVE treatment. The main event saw the team of Yumi Ohka, Kana, & Misaki Ohata defeat GAMI, Mio Shirai, and Io Shirai by 2 falls to nil, with Ohka pinning GAMI twice.  Then Mayumi Ozaki showed up again and invited Ohka to join the Ozaki-gun faction in OZ Academy, saying to show up at the OZ show on 2/21 to announce her decision.

Ice Ribbon ran two shows, a small show on Wednesday in the usual Warabi City location, and a Saturday show, doubling with NEO at Itabashi Green Hall.  Ice Ribbon actually outdrew NEO (oof!).  They've got a couple more very young kids in training, working three minute exhibitions until they get a total of 500 votes to debut.  A JWP Open Class Challenge league match was held, and Tsubasa Kuragaki defeated Emi Sakura to keep Emi at zero points.  Nanae Takahashi and her newest Passion Red member Kazumi Shimouma won a shot at the International Ice Ribbon tag belts, beating Makoto & Hikaru Shida.  Hamuko Hoshi made weight (you have to be under 60 kilos) and got a new costume, but Tsukasa Fujimoto remained as the ICEx60 champion.

NEO's show started off with Kana beating Mio Shirai's ass and Tanny Mouse getting a rare singles win as they dug up Yuiga for her yearly job.  Revolucion Amandola defeated the Aya Yuki/Hiroyo Matsumoto/Misaki Ohata trio, with Nakagawa using her low lariat on Ohata.  Kimura & Nakagawa will challenge Yoshiko Tamura and Ayumi Kurihara for the NEO tag belts next weekend.  The semi-main event saw Nanae and Natsuki*Taiyo beat Kyoko Inoue and DASH Chisako, with DASH doing the expected counting of the lights after getting rocked by Nanae.  After this match, Big Momma took the mike and asked Nanae to face Kana in singles, but Nanae said she wants Meiko Satomura in the finals of the Sendai tournament and blew off the idea of facing Kana.  Sendai's Kagetsu (i.e. Yukari Ishino) was in her first main event singles match, but had no answer for champ Yoshiko Tamura.  Tamura then reissued her challenge to Meiko, as she needs a new rival since Genki & Hyuga retired and she has somehow not faced Meiko in their fifteen years.  Satomura was there and (of course) accepted the challenge, so it's a juicy matchup with those two headlining the big NEO 10th Anniversary show at Kawasaki Gymnasium next month for the NEO/NWA Pacific crowns.

Sunday saw OZ Academy in Osaka.  Dynamite Kansai made the rookie Nao Komatsu submit to a Brain Claw.  Manami Toyota defeated Carlos Amano for her second straight win in their five-match series; still three matches to go and I'm guessing Amano's gonna get the next two wins.  Kansai was doing double duty, as she teamed with Ayumi to beat Hiroyo and Tomoka.  KAORU got some revenge on Ozaki, as the KAORU-Aja team defeated Ozaki & Takako Inoue in an elimination tag without taking a fall themeselves.  The main event saw AKINO & Ran Yu-Yu retain the OZ tag title, with Ran using Devil Masami's Fire Valley finisher on Kato.

WAVE February 2, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
127 Fans
1. 3WAY Match: Toshie Uematsu defeated Bullfight Sora & Sakura Hirota (11:52) with a Double Pin after a German Suplex on Hirota and a Japanese Leg Roll on Sora.
2. Cherry defeated Shu Shibutani (14:08) with the Fantasy Illusion.
3. Yuki Miyazaki defeated Moeka Haruhi (12:38) with a Tiger Press.
4. Best 2 of 3 Falls: Yumi Ohka, Kana, & Misaki Ohata defeated GAMI, Mio Shirai, & Io Shirai (16:36) by 2 falls to none.  Ohka used a Small Package Hold on GAMI (16:04). Ohka used a Tiger Press on GAMI (16:36).

ICE RIBBON February 3, 2010
Warabi City Isami Wrestle Budokan
66 Fans

1. Natsuki*Taiyo defeated Chii Tomiya (8:33) with a Diving Body Press.
2. Tsubasa Kuragaki defeated Mai Ichii (7:19) with an Argentine Backbreaker.
3. Nanae Takahashi defeated Miyako Matsumoto (7:00) with a Kneebar.
4. Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hamuko Hoshi defeated Makoto & Hikaru Shida (14:49) when Hoshi used a Lariat on Makoto

ICE RIBBON February 6, 2010
Itabashi Green Hall
205 Fans

1. Exhibition Match: Riho vs ? (3:00) went to a time-limit draw.
2. Exhibition Match: Mai Ichii vs ? (3:00) went to a time-limit draw.
3. Natsuki*Taiyo defeated Hikari Minami (7:13) with La Magistral.
4. Aika Ando & Touru Owashi defeated Ribbon Takanashi & Chii Tomiya (8:18) when Ando used the Request Clutch on Tomiya.
5. JWP OCC League: Tsubasa Kuragaki [3] defeated Emi Sakura [0] (14:00) with the Metal Wing.
6. Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Miyako Matsumoto (8:17) with a Reverse Cradle.
7. International Ice Ribbon Tag Team #1 Contenders Match: Nanae Takahashi & Kazumi Shimouma defeated Makoto & Hikaru Shida (22:09) when Shimouma used the Passion Half Slam Buster on Makoto.
8. ICEx60 Championship: Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Hamuko Hoshi (15:59) with the Tsukadora.  Fujimoto is successful in the 1st defense.

NEO "SHINE" February 6, 2010
Itabashi Green Hall
163 Fans

1. Kana defeated Mio Shirai (10:22) with a Russian Hook.
2. Tanny Mouse defeated Yuiga (6:18) with an Armlock.
3. Yuki Miyazaki defeaed Cherry (10:09) with a Gedo Clutch.
4. Kyoko Kimura, Atsuko Emoto, & Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Aya Yuki, Hiroyo Matsumoto, & Misaki Ohata (17:11) when Nakagawa used the Australian Arm on Ohata.
5. Nanae Takahashi & Natsuki*Taiyo defeated Kyoko Inoue & DASH Chisako (20:25) when Takahashi used an Iku Bomb on Chisako.
6. Yoshiko Tamura defeated Kagetsu (13:48) with an Elbow Smash.

OZ ACADEMY February 7, 2010
Osaka Taisho Azalea Hall

430 Fans

1. Dynamite Kansai defeated Nao Komatsu (2:14) with the Brain Claw.
2. Manami Toyota defeated Carlos Amano (8:50) with a Small Package Hold. Toyota leads 2 wins to 0 in the five match series.
3. Dynamite Kansai & Ayumi Kurihara defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto & Tomoka Nakagawa (14:12) when Kansai used a Lariat on Nakagawa.
4. Elimination Match: Aja Kong & KAORU defeated Mayumi Ozaki & Takako Inoue (6:02).   Kong eliminated Ozaki (0:03) with a Small Package Hold after a Can Blow. KAORU eliminated Inoue (5:59) with an Excalibur.
5. OZ Academy Tag Team Championship: AKINO & Ran Yu-Yu defeated Chikayo Nagashima & Sonoko Kato (23:15) when Yu-Yu used the Fire Valley on Kato. AKINO & Yu-Yu are successful in the 5th defense.

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