Thursday, February 11, 2010

1JoshI Radio Free Hiren Volumes 4 & 5

I forgot to publicize it here, but we had the 4th episode last week, with a full panel including Jamie Virtue, Joshi Rob, J.H., FLIK, and AirRaid Crush.  It was a rollicking good time with us talking about 1JoshI's favorite unheralded match from Big Egg Universe, other Big Egg Universe matches, early JWP, the awesomeness that is Shinobu Kandori, how great Akira Hokuto was on the mike, the 2009 NEO tag tournament, the 2009 JWP Azumi Hyuga retirement show, the awesomeness that is UTAKO HOZUMI and the other forgotten babes of LLPW that are now appearing on a Youtube near you, the breakup of Passion Red, and Jamie's plug for Jushin Liger's upcoming appearance at an anime convention in Toronto. We also talked briefly about the dying days of AJW that FLIK has been graciously uploading and writing show reports on. The Youtube user I was talking about that is uploading obscure LLPW and JD and other nontypical stuff is (yes, he has joshi creep wallpaper on his Youtube page!)

Episode 5 is scheduled for Thursday, February 11th at 10 PM Central. My agenda this time includes my top 20 in joshi in 2009, Hokuto vs Kandori (Jamie should be done watching it by then), our favorite joshi comedy matches, and (just for AirRaidCrush, whose name we will repeat aloud over and over and over) All Things Apache. Maybe I'll go on a digression and talk about my favorite Sirius satellite radio channels. I'll try to slip in some ~MACH FUMIAKE or UTAKO HOZUMI if the urge strikes me.

Streaming audio or a download of episode 4 is available.

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