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Results, October 21-28

A lot of results from all over the place this week. I don't have the results of the WAVE show from Sunday the 28th yet-so the world awaits news on the fate of Kyoko Kimura's bitchin' Afro!!!

UPDATE: Kyoko won. GAMI has to wear an Afro at the next WAVE show on 11/6.

A shitload of random indy results and dojo shows to wade through. Lukie's webpage covers stuff like BattlARTS. Eiger beat Lingerie Muto and Cherry beat Aoi Kizuki. I wonder if Cherry and Aoi screamed a lot, like Carlos Amano and Kyoko Kimura did in the May BattlARTS that I downloaded recently? On Monday, something called Ring Soul let us see Dump beat Kikutaro. Did you know that Dump Matsumoto is older than Jaguar Yokota? Also on Monday, ZERO1-MAX had a typical SUN offer match. Nanae pinned the champ Saki in a tag match.

WAVE ran the usual Tuesday Night Joshi at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. Yumi ate the Big Boot from Kyoko Kimura and Michiko Ohmukai beat GAMI in the main event. Wednesday saw another SUN offer match, this time in Niigata. Saki beat Natsuki and said "Who's the jobber now, biatch?"

Fifty people went to Tokyo City Valley Icebox on Thursday to watch UNION Pro Wrestling, an off-shoot of DDT. Their website seems to be made by the same person who does NEO and Ice Ribbon. A lot of the same workers. Sakura Emi beat someone. Cherry beat someone. Little Riho was involved. So so weird. They have weird random sleaze in Osaka as well. VKF/WRESTLE NANIWA had their third show on Friday. Apple Miyuki jobbed to someone. Then Francoise*, or "Collagen Babe" from LLPW, teamed with Xena to beat Ram-Chan (the little creepy girl from 666) and Kikutaro. The translation was wonky, but I think Ram-Chan had Collagen Babe in a Delfin Clutch, but Francoise no-sold it and went on to pin Kikutaro. God, this guy jobs to a five-year old; he jobs to Super-Sized Matsumoto; now he jobs to the French-Japanese WWE Diva Search contestant of the future. Remember, Ram-chan can chokeslam two grown men simultaneously, but Francoise is resistant to Ram like RG is resistant to Yingling the Erotic Terrorist. Oh, and Kyoko Kimura lost to Asian Coogar at a WMF event.

Saturday saw more conventional action. NEO was in Nagano. The main event saw Toshie Uematsu & Misae Genki beat Nagisa Nozaki & Jaguar Yokota, as Uematsu used a Northern Lights Suplex Hold on Nagisa. This was Nagisa's first anniversary match, in her hometown. Hey, did you know that Jaguar Yokota is the same age as Papa Nozaki?

Sunday saw several minor events. OZ Academy's show in Niigata was cancelled. Sendai Girls set up an outdoor ring at SUGO Sportland during an auto race. The trainee Mari Harada had an exhibition leading up to her formal debut next month. I think the proper translation of Ayane Mizumura's new name is "Aya Mizunami" rather than "Mizhaaya", due to playing with this translation tool, which is clumsy for full text but great for Japanese proper names. Tyrannosaurus Okuda, whose ring attire and style remind me of good 1980s Zenjo youngsters, teamed with the greatest of 1980s AJW workers, Jaguar Yokota, to beat the Kanari sisters. I don't know if Jaguar is older than Okuda's parents.

JWP and NEO ran dojos shows. NEO doesn't like to share dojo show results and I haven't found any blogger reports. According to the NEO blog, I think some guests from Ito Dojo and/or S-Ovation were there and a new foreign team of "Indian" wrestlers were to be introduced. I guess they are blowing off the Chinese stuff at next week's show and need a new country to mock with stereotypes. JWP's trainee Mayuka Shinzeki had an exhibition. She'll debut at Jr. All Stars on 12/31; of course her classmate YUKI cannot due to the unfortunate medical situation. The main event was a "Halloween Deathmatch" that involved chestnuts. I doubt it was a real deathmatch.

BattlARTS October 21, 2007
Koshigaya Citizen Festival

1. Eiger defeated Lingerie Muto (7:11) with a Horizontal Cradle.
3. Cherry defeated Aoi Kizuki (9:29) with a Cradle.

Ring Soul "KASUICHI VOL. 8", October 22, 2007
Shinjuku FACE 300 Fans

2. Dump Matsumoto defeated Kikutaro (6:48) with a Body Press.

ZERO1-MAX "INNOVATION" October 22, 2007
Iwate Prefectural Gymnasium

1300 Fans

3. SUN Offer Match: Nanae Takahashi/Natsuki*Taiyo defeated Hikaru/Saki Maemura (16:23) when Takahashi used the Nanarocker on Maemura.

WAVE "STEM THE WAVE" October 23, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
78 Fans

1. Opening WAVE: Cherry/Kyoko Kimura defeated Yumi Ohka/Misaki Ohata (14:49) when Kimura used the Big Boot on Ohka.
2. Submission WAVE: Megumi Yabushita defeated Tojuki Leon (10:40) with the Cross Fix.
3. Challenge WAVE: Toshie Uematsu/Ran Yu-Yu defeated Aska Ohki/Arisa Nakajima (11:51) when Uematsu used a Cutback on Ohki.
4. Love WAVE: Michiko Ohmukai defeated GAMI (18:38) with a Stone Punch.

ZERO1-MAX October 24, 2007
Niigata Phase
1100 Fans

2. SUN Offer Match: Nanae Takahashi/Saki Maemura defeated Hikaru/Natsuki*Taiyo (14:57) when Maemura used the Hanamaru on Taiyo.

UNION October 25, 2007
Tokyo City Valley Icebox
50 Fans

2. Sakura Emi defeated 726 (6:25).
3. Chou-un Shiryu/Cherry defeated Prince Mickey/Riho (11:51) when Cherry beat Mickey.

Osaka Azalea Taisho

2. Antonio Honda defeated Apple Miyuki (8:13) with a Diving Fist Drop.
5. Xena/Francoise* defeated Kikutaro/Ram-chan (11:02) when Francoise pinned Kikutaro after ignoring Ram-chan's Delfin Clutch. (or something like that)

WMF October 26, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
160 Fans

4. Asian Coogar defeated Kyoko Kimura (8:49) with a Diving Foot Stomp.

NEO October 27, 2007
Nagano Komoro
226 Fans

1. Mariko Yoshida defeated Aya Yuki (11:59) with a Modified Back Drop.
2. Tanny Mouse defeated Bolshoi Kid (11:05).
3. Yumiko Hotta/Etsuko Mita defeated Yoshiko Tamura/Yuki Miyazaki (18:34) when Mita used the Death Valley Bomb on Miyazaki.
4. Haruka Matsuo defeated Cherry (9:20) with a Dragon Suplex Hold.
5. Nozaki First Anniversary Match: Misae Genki/Toshie Uematsu defeated Jaguar Yokota/Nagisa Nozaki (12:40) when Uematsu used a Northern Lights Suplex Hold on Nozaki.

SENDAI GIRLS October 28, 2007
SUGO Racetrack (Shibata-gun, Miyagi)

0. Exhibition (5 Minute Time Limit): Hiren vs Mari Harada (5:00) went to a Time Limit Draw.
1. Aya Mizunami defeated Hiren (8:57) with a Second Rope Guillotine Leg Drop.
2. Jaguar Yokota/Tyrannosaurus Okuda defeated DASH Chisako/Sendai Sachiko (11:39) when Okuda used a Top Rope Diving Knee Attack on Sachiko.

WAVE "STEM THE WAVE" October 28, 2007
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
143 Fans

1. Opening WAVE: Yumi Ohka defeated Mio Shirai (10:37) by submission with the Bloody EX.
2. Submission WAVE: Mariko Yoshida defeated Asuka Ohki (8:50) with the Spider Twist.
3. Super Challenge WAVE: Manami Toyota defeated Arisa Nakajima (14:40) with the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex Hold.
4. Panic WAVE: Toshie Uematsu/Ran Yu-YU vs Eiger/Sayuri Okino (19:47) drew due to a Double Count-Out.
5. Gamble WAVE: Kyoko Kimura/Michiko Ohmukai defeated GAMI/Yuki Miyazaki (16:47) with the Big Boot. GAMI will have to have an Afro at the next show.

OZ Academy "ROSE COLOR IN NIIGATA" October 28, 2007
Niigata Disport Minami Uonuma

JWP October 28, 2007
JWP Exercise Hall

0. Exhibition (5 Minute Time Limit): Asuka Ohki vs Mayuka Shinzeki (5:00) went to a Time Limit Draw.
1. Sachie Abe/Tojuki Leon defeated Azumi Hyuga/Arisa Nakajima (14:31) when Leon used the Mad Splash on Nakajima.
2. Halloween "Deathmatch": Tsubasa Kuragaki/Kayoko Haruyama/Kaori Yoneyama defeated Command Bolshoi/Keito/KAZUKI (17:00) when Haruyama used a Lariat on Bolshoi

NEO October 28, 2007
NEO Yokohama Exercise Hall

No results available

K-DOJO "CLUB K-TOUR" October 28, 2007
Sapporo Teisen Hall
273 Fans

2. Apple Miyuki defeated Nakagawa (7:24) with the German Suplex Hold.
4. TAKA Michinoku, JOE & Quiet Storm defeated Ryota Chikuzen, KAZMA & Yuu Yamagata (18:08) with the Super Pump Kick by JOE on Yamagata.

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