Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Satomura out for several months

As I reported at the JoshiFans forum (the main site is now up as well) and Frank Pozen mentioned in his blog, Meiko Satomura, the main lady at Sendai Girls, will miss several months of action due to the fractured right eye socket suffered against Azumi Hyuga at the recent Sendai show.

Meiko did appear at an non-wrestling event in Sendai yesterday, with an eyepatch. Depending on how the eye heals and if further endoscopic surgery is required, she will miss a minimum of the rest of 2007 and possibly as much as 6 months.

As a Meiko mark, I'm naturally disappointed. I hope she's back soon but not too soon, as there's no point in making the injury worse. I'm not sure how Sendai Girls will change the booking to react. Will they bring in another veteran to temporarily bolster the ranks or trust the kids to hold down the fort? At least the Meiko/Azumi feud should be really hot when that can continue-maybe a 2008 MOTYC?

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