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Joshi Digest: November 8-20, 2009

IBUKI "VOL. 32" 11/8/2009 Korakuen Hall Video 1  Video 2

This is probably Ibuki's final big show, as it appears they will be closing.  There will be a pair of shows next February at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring and maybe or maybe not a restart in May and Yoshida may or may not come back or stay a part of the industry.

Ryo Mizunami, Hiren, & Yukari Ishino vs Esui, Makoto, & Kazumi Shimouma: The Miz is challenging Misaki Ohata for the junior singles belts soon, so it appears likely that she shall pin someone today.  Apparently the big Mongolian girl Esui is a singer now.  She also comes off the top rope and does some Mongolian chops on Miz, followed by a chokeslam.  Ishino hits a Samoan Backdrop on Esui, and either Esui's selling has improved or it hurt. A top rope guillotine from Ryo on Esui scores the win.

Nanae Takahashi vs Shu Shibutani: Shu dodges and weaves and avoids lariats and elbows and assorted hurty big girl moves.  A Huricanrana gets Shu a near fall, but a missed top rope senton is the turning point.  A shining wizard and the NANARACKA means the obvious winner.

Yoshiko Tamura & Ayumi Kurihara vs Kyoko Kimura & Tomoka Nakagawa: Tamura and Ayumi show some nice coordination as they doubleteam the bad women, fresh from an expedition to spread hatred and score weed in Mexico & IWRG. The rudas have some effective double team moves as well, as technica Kurihara learns.  How do I know Ayumi is a technica and Tomoka is a ruda? Easy, Ayumi wears sexy short shorts and Nakagawa has frumpy long pants.  An ubiquitious missile dropkick from Ayumi gets a nearfall on Tomoka, but it's a twenty minute time-limit draw.

Emi Sakura vs Misaki Ohata: Man, Ms. Motokawa is everywhere these days. Oh, and this is for Emi's Ice Ribbon title, for those girls who avoid the Shin-Kiba McDonalds and KFC and stay under 60 kg. Ohata is looking quite good in this match, including a big suplex off the top rope and a nearfall on a bodypress.  Emi has dispatched several straight challengers with La Magistral, but Misaki is prepared and has a counter that Emi never taught her girls.  Of course she does, Mariko told her to look for that.  Hell, I knew to look for that.  Eventually Emi uses the Powerbomb that put Nanae to sleep on Ohata, and then the "Nyan Nyan Press" (a front somersaulting splash off the corner) for the win.

Passion Ray & Natsuki*Taiyo vs Tojuki Leon & Kaori Yoneyama: This promises to be a HIGH SPEED kind of match.  Taiyo and Ray show each other up with moves to the floor, followed by stereo moonsaults.  Passion Ray goes all ASARI on us and hits the Sky Twister Press (about as well as Chapparita) on Yoneyama.  But no pin and then Natsuki accidentally dropkicks Ray.  Kaori takes advantage and a nearfall with the roll-through German Suplex and later does pin Ray.

Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Atsuko Emoto, Best 2 of 3 Falls: We get extensive clips of this 29 minute match on the 2nd video.  Emoto and the rest of Revolucion Amandola come out in masks, then Emoto unmasks to show her nifty haircut she got in IWRG.  Uh, that's not a good look either.  Emoto comes with the Tope Suicida and launches the next Bison Kimura into the 3rd row.  Some solid power moves, then Emoto hits an elbow drop from the corner.  Then Atsuko breaks out a split-legged footstomp and scores the first fall  Not quite as sweet as Hikari Fukuoka's classic, but still an impressive ~MOVE~. The second fall starts well for Atsuko, but then Hiroyo catches her leaping from the ropes and gets her in the Argentine Backbreaker.   They trade big hitting moves such as Hiroyo's Backdrop and Emoto's Brainbustah.  Emoto gets carried away and tries a Shining Wizard, but she screws it up and Matsumoto turns the mistake into the equalizing pinfall.  Now things are desperate as they are tired and have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at each other.  Hiroyo still has the Liger Bomb in her arsenal, but Emoto avoids her first attempts.  A backdrop softens Atsuko up enough so Hiroyo can finally hit the Liger Bomb and win the match.  Based on the five minutes from this clip, this is JMOTY material (admittedly a weak year) and I hope the full match will become available eventually.

WAVE "WEEKDAY WAVE" 11/12/2009 Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

This show features the opening round of a trios tag tournament.  But since it's WAVE, it can't be that simple.  It's Captain's Fall.  But, wait a minute, the captain is SECRET.  Plus you aren't eliminated if you get pinned and you aren't the captain.  Oh, and there are 5 teams in the tournament (KAORU, Cherry, and Bullfight Sora get a bye today) and the two losing teams in the first round get a repechage round to try to get in the semis.  Oh, vey.  I'm putting GAMI on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION for booking this mess.  I think her booking ideas are based on a Babelfish translation of "Booking Pro-Wres for Dummies" by V. Russo.

GAMI, Mio Shirai, & Io Shirai vs Toshie Uematsu, Ran Yu-Yu, & Ryo Mizunami: GAMI is partnered with the sisters, who are TLW junior tag champs, while the Toshie-Ran team adds Sendai's Miz to the mix.  Toshie pins Mio with a Dragon Suplex. Everyone has a dopey look on their face as they wait for Tommy Ran to tell us, NOPE NOT HER TRY AGAIN.  GAMI pins the Miz with a German Suplex.  SHE'S NOT THE SECRET SHOPPER EITHER.  Toshie hits a missile drop kick, Ran a brainbustah, and then Miz uses the running guillotine leg drop to pin GAMI.  BINGO SHE'S THE CAPTAIN PLEASE ADVANCE TO THE NEXT ROUND.  A nice win for the youngster.

Shu Shibutani, Kana, & Ayumi Kurihara vs Yumi Ohka, Moeka Haruhi, & Misaki Ohata: Before the match, they play up the cattiness between Moeka and Misaki, as Moeka sprints to make sure she gets in the ring first.  Moeka tries a bodypress into all three opponents, they catch her, but Misaki is helpful and kicks Haruhi so that she falls on top of them.  Ohata, she's just trying to help the team!  Ayumi uses an Uranage on Moeka for the pin. Ayumi sits around with her mouth agape until the bell rings. HAHAHAHA the wimpie was the captain!

GAMI, Mio Shirai, & Io Shirai vs Yumi Ohka, Moeka Haruhi, & Misaki Ohata: Ah, the loser's bracket.  Yumi Ohka takes the bull by the horns-oh, Bullfight Sora isn't in this match and she's not a bull.  Well, Ohka tries to act like an ace and she quickly gets pins on Io and GAMI.  OOPS NOT CAPTAIN NOT CAPTAIN.  Actually, that wasn't shown on the S-Arena clip. All they showed was LA GAMISTRAL for the win over Ohka.  The funny thing is, that after the first four minutes, it was revealed that Mio was the secret captain and thus should have never been in the ring.

JWP "AUTUMN STAR" 11/20/2009 Itabashi Green Hall

Tojuki Leon vs Command Bolshoi vs Ayako Sato: This three-way match is for the #1 Contender's spot for Kaori Yoneyama's NEO High Speed title.  I guess they invited the Ito Dojo girl to do the job.  Oh shit, Sato poaches the win by laying on top of Leon while she has Bolshoi in a jackknife hold. I'm sure she's winning the title now ;-)

Kayoko Haruyama & Keito vs Emi Sakura & Hamuko Hoshi: Kayoko and Emi are meeting in a few weeks for the JWP Championship.  Midcarder Keito is keeping busy by terrorizing the Ice Ribbon scrubs.  No different today, as Hoshi bites the dust to Keito's Falcon Arrow.  Emi and Kayoko chat after the match.  Emi "Hey, let's make this a double titles match, I'll put up the Ice Ribbon singles.  Oh wait, we have a weight limit and you haven't weighed 60 kilos since you were 13. Nevermind." Kayoko "I have no respect for you, Emi. I'm not only bigger than you, but I'm better than you, at wrestling and love. I can find a significant other more attractive than Mr. Gannosuke and I'm sure you'll be back to being a fat-ass in a few years." Oh, and Emi challenged Azumi Hyuga as well and that will happen at an Ice Ribbon show, of all places.

Tsubasa Kuragaki & Sachie Abe vs Passion Hottei & Natsuki*Taiyo: Passion Hottei is Yumiko Hotta trying to be a happy spunky perky babyface in Nanae Takahashi's office.  But it's hard to teach an old bitch new tricks, and "Hottei" can't resist any opportunity to use a weapon in a match, as she grabs for an empty chair to smash Tsubasa or Sachie over the head.  This is VERBOTEN in Nanae's world of Passion Red, so Nanae yells at "Hottei" and Taiyo grabs the chair away and gives her a few kicks for good measure.  It is sort of funny watching Nanae and Natsuki treat Hotta like she's a disobedient rookie.  Abe tries to roll up Hotta in La Magistral, but Hotta evades and uses the Pyramid Driver for the win.  Oh, and they win a shot at the JWP & Daily Sports tag belts, held by Yoneyama and Sakura, who hold all current non-important joshi titles.  Well, except for the junior tag belts that WAVE created.  Oh, and the thing WAVE gave to Moeka Haruhi. And OZ Academy has titles.  I stand corrected.

Azumi Hyuga vs Kaori Yoneyama: Hyuga's been pretty unselfish on her retirement road, putting over Haruyama as the new company ace and also dropping singles matches to Carlos Amano, Bolshoi, Kuragaki, and Leon.  Is it Yoneyama's turn?  Kaori hits some big moves like the Yoshi Tonic and a Superplex, but she figures out that you have to steal from the opponent's playbook to take down a legend.  So Yoneyama uses Hyuga's KNEE O' DEATH from the top rope to the back of the head, and the U.S.-Zou (aka Yoshi Tonic) for the victory.

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