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Results, May 19-24

Let's start the weekly digest with news from oop north, as OZ Academy accompanied Big Japan for a pair of shows in Hokkaido.  Sunday the 23rd featured OZ at Sapporo Teisen Hall.  The semi-main event saw the five losers of the preliminary matches in a tag against the five winners.  The losers got revenge, with Hokkaido native Tomoka Nakagawa getting a pin on Mayumi Ozaki.  In the main event, Carlos Amano defended the OZ title with a win over Ran Yu-Yu by headbutt, but at the expense of a broken nose presumably suffered from a Ran elbow smash.  Monday's show in Asahikawa was joint with Big Japan.  Nakagawa got a win in her hometown, pinning Nao Komatsu in a tag match.  The main event here was turned into a three way due to Amano's absence, with Manami Toyota pinning Aja Kong in a match that also featured Ayumi Kurihara.

Revolucion Amandola had their special show on Friday the 21st.  As was announced last week, Atsuko Emoto/Bullfight Sora is retiring at the end of the month and I think this is the last appearance without the cow mask.  Kimura will be taking a hiatus to heal up some injuries.  R.A. did a lot of jobbing, with Kimura losing to Aja in a tag match, Nakagawa losing a mixed match to TAJIRI, and Emoto losing both a NEO High Speed Championship match to Natsuki*Taiyo and the main event tag, with the three members of R.A. losing to Nanae Takahashi, Natsuki, and Ayumi via Nanae's Nanaracak to Emoto.  Atsuko did get a pinfall on Kimura in a special bonus match.

A few other minor shows were held, with the usual two small Ice Ribbon events with the alarming result of 12 year old rookie Tsukushi pinning Emi Sakura in five seconds (wtf?), a NEO house show in Niigata that saw Manami Toyota and Misaki Ohata beat Yoshiko Tamura and Toshie Uematsu via Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex on Toshie, a weekday WAVE show with Ohka pinning GAMI and Ayumi beating both Shu Shibutani in the main event best 2 of 3 falls and Bullfight Sora in a special bonus match, and a JWP dojo show with Leon beating Kaori Yoneyama in a Bullrope Pool match.

Oh, and it appears that Kana is going to have her own faction/promotion with the Shirai sisters.  I'm not sure of the official name, but the otaku better stock up on handcream. 

ICE RIBBON May 19, 2010
Warabi City Isami Wrestle Budokan
47 Fans

1. Makoto defeated Sayaka Obihiro (7:53) with the W/W Knee.
2. Chou-un Shiryu & Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Kaori YOneyama & Hamuko Hoshi (11:04) when Matsumoto pinned Hoshi.
3. Hikaru Shida & Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Emi Sakura & Chii Tomiya (16:41) when Shida used the Three Count on Tomiya.

WAVE May 19, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
145 Fans

1. Yumi Ohka & Kana defeated GAMI & Io Shirai (16:28) when Ohka used the Big Boot on GAMI.
2. Moeka Haruhi defeated Senri Kuroki (11:19) with the Diving Young Lady Drop.
3. Toshie Uematsu defeated Mio Shirai (12:41) with a Dragon Suplex Hold.
4. Best 2 of 3 Falls: Bullfight Sora, Leon, & Ayumi Kurihara defeated Shu Shibutani, Cherry, & Misaki Ohata (24:43) by 2 falls to 1.
4a. Shu Shibutani defeated Bullfight Sora (4:30) with a Diving Senton.
4b. Bullfight Sora defeated Cherry (15:13) with a Milk Jet Assisted Huricanrana Cutback.
4c. Ayumi Kurihara defeated Shu Shibutani (24:43) with a Schoolboy.
5. Ayumi Kurihara defeated Bullfight Sora (4:58) with a Uranage.

ZERO1 May 20, 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

1. Mr. X & XX defeated Mio Shirai & Io Shirai (15:20) when Mio was disqualified for ripping at Mr. XX's mask.

NEO May 21, 2010
Niigata Kashiwazaki-shi Synthesis Gymnasium
136 Fans

1. Tanny Mouse defeated Chii Tomiya (9:38) with a Diving Tani Butt.
2. 3 Way Match: Hamuko Hoshi defeated Tsubo Genjin & Mister Buddhaman (9:06) with a Schoolboy on Genjin.
3. Yuki Miyazaki vs Aya Yuki (15:00) went to a time-limit draw.
4. Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Sucking Blood Mouse Witch (10:05) with an Argentine Backbreaker.
5. Manami Toyota & Misaki Ohata defeated Yoshiko Tamura & Toshie Uematsu (19:49) when Toyota used a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex Hold on Uematsu.

Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
350 Fans

1. Okinawa Pro Offer Match: Mensooree Oyaji defeated Golden Pine (8:06).
2. Aja Kong & Magnitude Kishiwada defeated Kyoko Kimura & Munenori Sawa (14:46) when Kong used an Uraken on Kimura.
3. TAJIRI defeated Tomoka Nakagawa (11:03) with a Buzzsaw Kick.
4. NEO High Speed Championship: Natsuki*Taiyo defeated Atsuko Emoto (11:19) with the Peach*Latch. Taiyo is successful in the 3rd defense.
5. Nanae Takahashi, Natsuki*Taiyo, & Ayumi Kurihara defeated Atsuko Emoto, Kyoko Kimura, & Tomoka Nakagawa (25:56) when Takahashi used the Nanaracka on Emoto.
6. Atsuko Emoto defeated Kyoko Kimura (4:10) with a Shining Wizard.

ICE RIBBON May 22, 2010
Warabi City Isami Wrestle Budokan
89 Fans

1. Chii Tomiya defeated Sayaka Obihiro (5:09) with a Reverse Cradle.
2. Hikari Minami & Riho defeated Makoto & Kurumi (14:16) when Minami used a Blockbuster Hold on Kurumi.
3. Tsukushi defeated Emi Sakura (0:05).
4. Kazumi Shimouma, Hamuko Hoshi, & Minori Makiba defeated Hikaru Shida, Tsukasa Fujimoto, & Miyako Matsumoto (13:20) when Shimouma used a Half Slam Buster on Shida.

OZ ACADEMY May 23, 2010
Sapporo Teisen Hall
490 Fans

1. Chikayo Nagashima & Sonoko Kato defeated Dynamite Kansai & Nao Komatsu (13:26) when Kato used a German Suplex Hold on Komatsu.
2. Mayumi Ozaki defeated AKINO (14:15) with an Ozakick.
3. Manami Toyota & Ayumi Kurihara defeated Aja Kong & Tomoka Nakagawa (15:21) when Toyota used a Japanese Ocean Queen Bee Bomb on Nakagawa.
4. Dynamite Kansai, Aja Kong, AKINO, Tomoka Nakagawa, & Nao Komatsu defeated Mayumi Ozaki, Manami Toyota, Chikayo Nagashima, Sonoko Kato, & Ayumi Kurihara (11:43) when Nakagawa used the Australian Arm on Ozaki.
5. OZ Academy Championship: Carlos Amano defeated Ran Yu-Yu (19:30) with the Carlos Ghosn. Amano is successful in the 1st defense.

Amano suffers broken nose.

JWP May 23, 2010
JWP Dojo
98 Fans

1. Kayoko Haruyama defeated Senri Kuroki (8:49) with a Diving Guillotine Drop.
2. Bulldog Rope Pool Match: Leon defeated Kaori Yoneyama (7:11) by submergence.
3. Mother/Father Cosplay Weapons Match: Command Bolshoi, Sachie Abe, & Jaguar Yokota defeated Keito, Tsubasa Kuragaki, & KAZUKI (16:33) when Bolshoi used the Pikobatorosu on Keito.

NEO May 23, 2010
Yokohama NEO Dojo

Asahikawa Local Industry Promotion Center

2. Ryuji Yamakawa, Yuichi Taniguchi, & Mayumi Ozaki vs Abdullah Kobayashi, Daikokubo Benkei, & Dynamite Kansai
3. Sonoko Kato & Nao Komatsu vs Ran Yu-Yu & Tomoka Nakagawa
5. MEN's Teioh & Carlos Amano vs Mototsugu Shimuzu & Chikayo Nagashima
6. Aja Kong & AKINO vs Manami Toyota & Ayumi Kurihara

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